Police Called Over MJF AEW Promo, WWE Name Off TV

Police MJF AEW Promo
Credit: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

The latest AEW promo by MJF saw the police receive over 300 calls because of his remarks. Also, a top WWE name is off TV

Police Called Over MJF AEW Promo

MJF is known to cause uproars. Honestly, it is one of the reasons fans like him.

On AEW Dynamite, MJF cut a promo where he spoke about being in high school. 

The promo has caused some chaos, both for the content and result. Basically, MJF suggested he was receiving oral from a girl when he crashed his car.

In a panic, MJF said he switched spots with the girl because he feared losing his license. He did not name the girl, for legal reasons, but called her ‘Liv.’

Therefore, people jumped to the conclusion he was talking about WWE’s Liv Morgan. That is not the case as it was simply a way to draw heat.

His comments and onscreen gesture already angered a few. Yet, the problem goes deeper.

Below is a transcript of what MJF said on TV.

“We hopped into my blue Camaro, I got to driving, and she got to [oral sex hand gesture] work and distracted me,” said MJF. “Once she was done, I put the pedal to the metal, but it was, unfortunately, raining like cats and dogs.”

“We then hydroplaned and went spinning off the road. I panicked and hit the accelerator instead of the brake. At 90 miles per hour, we hit a telephone pole.”

The Nassau Police Department received over 300 phone calls about the promo. Fans were calling in, suggesting the promo be investigated.

On the police department’s Facebook page, they addressed the matter. Basically, they acknowledged the promo and noted how they believe the entire thing was a joke.

And, that is what MJF did. He cut a promo that angered a bunch of people and got them buzzing.

Seemingly, upsetting fans is what of MJF’s best characteristics. And, it is easy to see why.

WWE Name Off TV

Police MJF AEW Promo

Source: @_denisesalcedo, Twitter, Screenshot

Lately, JBL has become a regular fixture on WWE TV. He has been working with Baron Corbin, but that pairing already seems done.

Seemingly, JBL was tired of Corbin always losing. So, he took away his endorsement and walked away.

Now, PWInsider reports JBL is not scheduled to be on TV anymore. His pairing with Corbin never went anywhere, leaving many to wonder what was the end-goal.

Since joining WWE, Corbin’s career has gone up and down. WWE even booked a long-running angle about his frequent losses.

Unlike Corbin, JBL saw his WWE career reach the very top. The former WWE Champion’s last singles match was a quick loss to Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 25.

 Due to bad back, JBL retired following the bout. He would still make random TV appearances, mostly as an analyst before pay per views.

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