NXT Star In Limbo
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A recent report suggests that an NXT star is “in limbo” while waiting for a main roster call-up. What’s the reason behind this? Plus, Pat McAfee’s WWE status also seems up in the air.

NXT Star Main Roster Call Up “In Limbo”

NXT superstar Cameron Grimes has exploded on WWE’s developmental brand. Late last year, reports surfaced that the talent would be called up to the main roster, soon.

Interestingly enough, he did make a main roster appearance on an October episode of WWE Main Event. He defeated Akira Tozawa in the match.

NXT Star “In Limbo”

Grimes’s last NXT appearance took place in November 2022. He lost the bout to Joe Gacy.

With that said, he hasn’t been seen on NXT TV since. He’s also yet to appear on either Monday Night RAW or SmackDown.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer, Grimes hasn’t been seen on the main roster because the creative team doesn’t have anything for him. Meltzer does note they do still plan on calling him up.

Unfortunately, Grimes is currently waiting for the WWE Creative team to think up an angle for him. Only time will tell when audiences see him on the main roster.

Speaking of things hanging in limbo, Pat McAfee recently implied that his status with WWE depends on who buys the promotion in the future. More on this story, below.

Pat McAfee Leaving?

In April 2021, Pat landed on SmackDown’s announce team, joining Michael Cole at the commentary table. Last fall, McAfee signed a contract with ESPN to work as a “College Game Day” analyst.

NXT Star In Limbo

Source: @WrestlingNewsCo, Twitter, Screenshot

As there was a scheduling conflict, Pat took a little hiatus from the WWE. Although he did make a splashing return at this year’s 2023 Royal Rumble.

It’s clear Pat loves working for the WWE. However, recent rumors that the company is being sold could have him rethinking his employment with the promotion.

Will Pat McAfee Stay With The WWE?

The former NFL player recently posted a lengthy tweet on Twitter. You can see how he questions his WWE status.

While he “retired” this past July, Vincent Kennedy McMahon made a splashing return of his own in January this year.

Back on WWE’s Board of Directors, he’s made it crystal clear that he wants to sell the promotion he’s built into a multi-media conglomerate. But who will he sell it to?

As per a Bloomberg report, WWE’s price tag is in the $9-billion region, and there have been plenty of interested companies. Some include Netflix, Disney, Endeavor, and Comcast.

As per reports, another interested party is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This has created a bit of concern for some fans and WWE talent, alike.

McAfee’s uncertainty around his WWE future seems just. However, the good news is that he has created some incredible memories with the company in the interim.

From participating in WrestleMania last year to his two NXT TakeOver matches in 2021, and all his color commentary. He clearly loves the WWE, and the WWE Universe loves him.

Will Pat McAfee stay with the company? Only time will tell.