Ronda Rousey Against Becky Lynch Off, AJ Styles Breaks Ankle

Ronda Rousey Becky Lynch
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Ronda Rousey against Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 39 felt like a lock, but WWE is changing direction. Also, AJ Styles broke his ankle.

Ronda Rousey Against Becky Lynch Off

When Becky Lynch broke her nose right before Survivor Series years back, something special happened. She became a bigger star and started using the nickname, “The Man.”

Because she missed her match with Ronda Rousey, most figured WWE would put it together eventually. Although, that did not happen.

They met in a triple threat match at WrestleMania 35 with Charlotte Flair. Lynch won in the historic main event, but the singles match never occurred. 

After that loss, Rousey took a few years off from WWE before returning at last year’s Royal Rumble. After a program with Flair, Rousey once again was champion.

She held the belt for many months, but lost in shocking fashion to Flair on Friday’s SmackDown. Flair was not advertised for the show and many were unhappy how she quickly regained the title.

As for WrestleMania 39, most believed WWE would finally book Rousey vs Lynch. Wrestling News stated WWE is no longer headed in that direction.

Instead, WWE wants Rhea Ripley to face Rousey. If that is true, WWE needs to decide if a title will be on the line and which one.

With the Royal Rumble Match later in the month, WWE will likely begin the program there.

AJ Styles Breaks Ankle

Ronda Rousey Becky Lynch

Source: @ErikBeaston, Twitter, Screenshot

AJ Styles suffered an injury over the week during a six person tag team match. The live event match between The Judgment Day and The O.C. was called off.

Styles took to Twitter and confirmed he broke his ankle. It will not require surgery and he will miss a few months of action.

First, The Judgment Day and The O.C. feud might now be over since Styles was one of the leaders. Secondly, there is a decent chance he misses WrestleMania 39.

The time away will be one of the few periods during Styles’ pro wrestling career where he took months off.

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