Kevin Nash After Son’s Death, Frankie Kazarian Passes On WWE

Kevin Nash Son's Death
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At the young age of 26 years old, Tristen, son of WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, passed away in October 2022. Nash recently made some disturbing comments during his podcast that worried fans. WNZ has an update on Kevin and how he’s really doing after his son’s death.

Kevin Nash After Son’s Death

During a recent Kliq This podcast, Nash made some dark comments when recognizing the three-month anniversary of his son. Kevin first stated that it was week 12 of losing his boy.

He goes on to say that time flies when “you have a gun in your mouth”. He’d then say, he meant time flies when you are having fun.

Sean Oliver, Nash’s co-host showed immediate concern. After the comment, Oliver states that Kevin shouldn’t “play like that” as he has guns.

Nash responded by saying he could do whatever he wanted as long as a note was left. During the podcast, Kevin notes how hard it is being in a house knowing there are now only two out of the three people that were once there.

Kevin Nash After Son’s Death – How’s He Really Doing?

The grief a parent experiences when losing a child is unimaginable. Nash is obviously struggling right now, and it is completely understandable considering what he’s had to endure by losing his son.

There is a silver lining as David Herro, Kevin’s promoter and a friend recently sent out a tweet. He assured Nash’s fans that he is okay and has no plans to harm himself.

The tweet can be seen above. On behalf of everyone here at WNZ, we continue to send out our best wishes and support to Kevin Nash during this difficult time.

Frankie Kazarian and SCU were major AEW players at the beginning of the company’s days. However, that stable disbanded, and Kazarian isn’t even part of the company anymore.

With that said, sounds like he did have the option of going to the WWE when he left Tony Khan’s promotion. But he passed on it.

Frankie Kazarian Passes On WWE

Kazarian made a return to Impact Wrestling during the company’s Hard To Kill pay-per-view (PPV). It was noted after the fact that he left AEW to make an Impact comeback.

Kevin Nash Son's Death

Source: @JoelPearl, Twitter, Screenshot

Frankie recently spoke with PW Insider. During that chat, he notes he did have some “great” talks with the WWE.

In fact, he states that those discussions were positive and professional. Kazarian says that he has nothing but great things to say about everyone in the WWE, especially the people he talked and texted with.

For whatever reason, Frankie decided to head to Impact, versus WWE. It may be the different workload that was the factor.

After all, WWE does have a far busier schedule for its talents. Whereas the commitment with Impact would be a few TV tapings and special PPV events.

Frankie Kazarian’s History In This Business

Kazarian started training with Killer Kowalski in 1998 and began wrestling in the indies circuit shortly after. He joined Impact and debuted with the company in the summer of 2003.

Frankie was with the WWE for some months in 2005. However, while he joined the company in February of that year, by August, he requested his release and returned to Impact.

Over the years, he also worked for Ring of Honor. During his career, Kazarian was an AEW World Tag Champion, ROH World Tag Title holder, and a two-time TNA World Tag Champion.

Not too shabby. While he did pass up on the WWE, here’s wishing Frankie continued success with his latest Impact run.

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