Big Cody Rhodes WWE Return Update, Jinder Mahal’s NXT Status

Cody Rhodes WWE Return
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If you are a fan, the latest Cody Rhodes WWE return news is really good. Also, will be Jinder Mahal be in NXT long-term?

Big Cody Rhodes WWE Return Update

Last year, AEW suffered a major defeat as Cody Rhodes left a promotion he helped start. He returned to WWE and his second run is already better than the first.

At WrestleMania 38, Rhodes was the surprise opponent for Seth Rollins. On that night, he beat Rollins and that was just the start.

They were booked in two more matches, with Rhodes getting the victory each time. And, he won over a ton of new fans in the process.

Unfortunately, he suffered a pectoral tendon injury and has been off WWE TV since then. But, the company has been hyping his return.

Most were under the impression Rhodes would a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble Match. Instead, it seems he will be announced for the match somewhere in the next two weeks.

Now, Fightful Select, reports how he has been spotted at the Performance Center. There, has been preparing for his return by working with NXT’s Carmelo Hayes and Joe Gacy.

The report continued how Rhodes has been part of WWE’s WrestleMania 39 plans since the fall. Also, they mentioned how he could be appearing on TV before the Royal Rumble at the end of the month.

And, to make the news even sweeter, he is currently the betting favorite to win. Sami Zayn is in the number two spot as a potential winner.

For the good part of a year, Rhodes has been discussed as the one to dethrone Roman Reigns. For over two years, Reigns has been untouchable as he holds the major WWE titles.

Rhodes returning to WWE has already proved better than the first run. If he does beat Reigns, it might send a message to the AEW roster.

Still, with Vince McMahon back in the fold, plans are always subject to change. 

Jinder Mahal’s NXT Status

Cody Rhodes WWE Return

Source: @WWEIndia, Twitter, Screenshot

Lately, NXT has been seeing familiar names from RAW and SmackDown make appearances. The most recent main roster superstar to appear is Jinder Mahal.

Mahal has been teaming with Sanga as Veer is dealing with personal business. Sanga and Veer are scheduled to face The Creed Brothers at New Year’s Evil.

Then, on Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez reported how Mahal will be in NXT for a few weeks. Once Veer is able to return, that might be the end of his in the developmental brand.

The former WWE Champion has really struggled the past few years. After his title reign was deemed a failure, WWE stopped his major push.

Now, Mahal is having trouble beating people on Main Event. Perhaps, Sanga and Veer will join him on the main roster for a renewed push.

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