Big Change For Bobby Lashley, Plans For Charlotte And Ronda

big change bobby lashley
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In case you missed the clues, it appears we are going to see a big change for Bobby Lashley soon. Plus, what are plans for Charlotte and Ronda moving forward.

Big Change For Bobby Lashley

We’ve been seeing hints for a bit now, but there appears to be a big change coming for Bobby Lashley.

If somehow you’ve been ignoring those hints, let’s recap a bit.

You can look at Crown Jewel, where Lashley tangled with Brock Lesnar.

Bobby Lashley seemed to snap at the event, destroying Lesnar.

In the weeks after, Bobby was more and more annoyed and snapped on WWE officials.

His last outburst involved him shoving Adam Pearce, which then led to Pearce “firing” him.

Now, this is where that big change for Bobby Lashley comes in.

According to PWInsider, we are in line for a reboot of the Hurt Business, with Lashley embracing the heel once again.

We’ve certainly seen teases.

big change bobby lashley

source: @ewrestlingnews, twitter, screenshot

In the midst of one Bloodline attack, MVP tried to talk to Pearce, seemingly offering assistance. But how?

More recently, we saw 3 of the 4 original members of the Hurt Business talking in the background on Monday’s RAW.

All signs are pointing to not if, but when, we see the Hurt Business return.

Such a reunion will take some explaining, of course.

For one thing, MVP turned on Lashley. It’s not as though it was an amicable breakup, among the entire group, really.

Further, Lashley feuded with Omos and MVP for a bit there. So…if we see a reunited Hurt Business, is Omos part of the group?

Or is MVP going to take a page out of Heyman’s book and double-cross his Nigerian Giant?

Plans For Charlotte And Ronda

WWE ended 2022 with a big moment, changing the blue brand women’s champ. Moving forward, what are plans for Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey?

There’s already been whispers that the sudden title change was a means to write Rousey off of television.

According to PWInsider, that is not the case.

Per the report, as things stand, here’s what we know about plans for Charlotte and Ronda (for now).

Charlotte Flair is listed as a babyface on the SmackDown roster. Rousey is still penciled in for a big match at WrestleMania, and is in Rumble plans as well.

Clearly, things were not very concrete beyond that.

Fan reaction was mixed for Flair’s return, combined with the unexpected (and, most would say, un-earned) rapid title shot.

However, bringing Flair back does inject new life into the division, and helps balance things out since RAW has had quite an influx of talent.

Even if Ronda was planning on taking time off-or even exiting WWE completely-it seems there are good plans for her at least through April.

big changes bobby lashley

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Given the resurgence of Shayna Baszler alongside her, I can’t help but wonder if we would see the two women chase the title and feud.

Or, could we see the two MMA veterans team up and chase the women’s tag belts?

There are options, and on the Road to WrestleMania…that is not a bad thing.

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