Big Beth Phoenix Plans, The Godfather’s New Deal

big beth phoenix plans
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On the eve of the Royal Rumble, there are whispers of some big Beth Phoenix plans ahead. And, we saw him on RAW, and now we can talk about The Godfather’s new deal.

Big Beth Phoenix Plans

It is that exact time of year, for big returns and big surprises…so let’s discuss some possibly big Beth Phoenix plans.

And, while this is Royal Rumble day…these big Beth Phoenix plans don’t involve the Rumble.

Now, she might be a surprise entrant, she might not be.

These big plans? There’s a rumor that WWE has pitched having her at the Elimination Chamber.

According to Wrestling News, there are a few options on the table.

Now, having the Hall of Famer in the Elimination Chamber would be awesome, especially considering she never had such a chance.

But there is also something else to consider.

Last year, we saw interactions between Beth Phoenix and Rhea Ripley, in particular when Edge and Finn Balor were battling one another.

big beth phoenix plans

source: @itswrestleworld, twitter, screenshot

Ever since then, there’s been chatter of a big mixed tag match…but nothing has materialized yet.

With tonight’s Rumble, there will be opportunities to set plenty of different programs in motion.

Will we see Phoenix take out Ripley? Balor and Edge battle once again?

All of the above, none of the above, or plenty of other opportunities could be in play.

It seems a safe bet that by the end of the weekend, we might just have a bit of an idea about those big Beth Phoenix plans.

And, if not by the end of the Rumble, then perhaps by say, an upcoming RAW.

The Godfather’s New Deal

He was hard to miss on RAW is XXX, so let’s talk about The Godfather’s new deal.

As is customary with many notable WWE legends and Hall of Famers, the company inks these talents to “legends deals”.

It is a way to give these nostalgia acts something to do, and of course, keeps them from showing up elsewhere.

Plenty of big names have had WWE Legends deals, and The Godfather is among them.

Following on the heels of his most recent RAW appearance, The Godfather spoke on the Universal Wrestling Podcast.

On that appearance, The Godfather confirmed he had indeed signed a new five year Legend’s deal.

Meaning, if you liked seeing him do his thing on RAW, we might be seeing him back a bit more often.

Could we see him back in the Rumble even?

I suppose it is possible…but hopefully not likely.

big beth phoenix plans

source: @wwfwrestling1, twitter, screenshot

There’s plenty to enjoy about The Godfather, but considering all the talent WWE can bring into a 30 man Rumble…there simply aren’t enough spots for the names we know about.

And, for the names many are wishing for and hoping for.

So while fans do love the surprises and nostalgia acts, perhaps we’d rather see his spot go to some rumored NJPW talent?

Of course, those may not be available, but considering all the names we’ve seen return in the last few months, there are plenty of options.


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