Recent Returns Already At Risk, Ric Flair Beef With Jim Ross

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Triple H has made many corrective moves since taking control, but some recent returns may already be at risk of being gone again. And Ric Flair has a beef with Jim Ross over an episode of Dark Side of the Ring.

Recent Returns Already At Risk

We’ve seen plenty of faces come back to the company since Triple H took over, but some recent returns might already be at risk.

The news comes from WrestleVotes:

Fans have been excited by some of the recent returns…but not all have impressed.

For example, Bray Wyatt’s return went over phenomenally. His reveal in Philadelphia got a tremendous pop, and the teasers continue even now.

Other Superstars are back, but have not done so well, already putting them at risk.

No names were named, but fans (and I) will speculate.


source: @unpaid_critic, twitter, screenshot

One of the major guesses was Hit Row, since the group returned down one key member-Sweve is now in AEW.

Some expect Braun Strowman could also be on the outs, especially after his questionable tweets.

Another wild card might be Emma. She returned only recently, and has had a fairly quiet return.

Could someone who came back with a big push-specifically, Karrion Kross-also be at risk?

Time will tell, but it seems reasonable that Nick Khan might keep a close eye on things.

Most all were released to save money. If Hunter claimed he could make money with them back…he has to show results.

But, if the results don’t support that, there would be a reason some recent returns could already be at risk.

Ric Flair Beef With Jim Ross

The Nature Boy has had plenty of issues with plenty of people…but now Ric Flair has a beef with Jim Ross.

Or, at the very least, he had one.

Flair’s beef with Jim Ross stems from comments made on an episode of Dark Side of the Ring.

In the episode, Ross said that “you have to know when to walk away from Ric Flair.

Flair discussed this on his podcast.

That comment upset the Nature Boy, and he noted it had other wrestlers texting him for explanations.

Interestingly enough, Flair effectively forgave Ross for appearing on the popular Vice show.

In another comment, he actually trashed Russo and all involved when those few poked fun at Ross’s Bell’s Palsy.

Which, to me at least, feels like there is or was still some deep respect, considering their time together.

recent returns at risk

source: @wrestlingedge, twitter, screenshot

But, to be clear, Flair closed with a point.

Specifically, Flair has been (and sounds like he will be at) invited to the RAW 30th Reunion.

According to Ric Flair, it seems like no such invitation has been extended to Jim Ross.

Of course, Ross is busy with AEW. While some talents have done video messages in the past, there’s a chance Tony Khan would not have allowed Good Ol’ JR to make any appearance at all.

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