Gunther Set To Break WWE Streak, Eva Marie Hints Return

Gunter Break WWE Streak
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Gunther of Imperium is riding an incredible main roster wave. Since his call-up, he’s done some phenomenal things. In fact, he’s about to break a decade-long WWE streak. More on this story, below.

Gunther Set To Break WWE Streak

This past June, Gunther won the IC title when he defeated Ricochet on SmackDown. This was his first taste of gold on the main roster.

As of December 30th, he’ll officially become the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion in over ten years. If he makes it until then, he’ll have held the championship for over 236 days.

This will essentially break Shinsuke Nakamura’s IC title reigns over 201 days in 2019. Before that, Cody Rhodes held this record in 2011.

Gunther Set To Break WWE Streak – But Will He?

Things change all the time in the land of the WWE. With one more Friday Night SmackDown on the horizon before December 30th, there’s a small chance he could lose the title.

While it doesn’t happen often, Gunther could also drop the championship at a house show. Only time will tell if he ends up breaking this WWE streak.

Gunther is no stranger to record-breaking reigns in the WWE. He signed with the company in 2019 and debuted on the NXT UK brand.

There, he became NXT UK Champion. He currently holds the longest reign for this championship, at 870 days.

In addition, it’s the second-longest title reign in WWE, from 1988 on. Not too shabby of a record he has with the company, so far!

Over to more WWE news, could Eva Marie return to the WWE? Anything is possible, these days!

Eva Marie Hints Return

Known as Natalie “Eva Marie” Nelson, she recently hinted at a WWE return when she “liked” a tweet. Sean Sapp of Fightful referenced more former talent returns on Twitter, now that Triple H is in charge of creative.

Gunter Break WWE Streak

Source: @womenstitless, Twitter, Screenshot

Marie liked the tweet. So, could this mean she’s eyeing another return to the company?

Eva Marie impressed WWE talent scouts and won a four-week tryout with the company. She began training in 2013 when she signed a developmental contract.

In May of that year, she joined the cast of the reality show Total Divas and instantly hit the main roster, with a mere two weeks of in-ring training. By 2015, she was assigned back to NXT.

But Eva wouldn’t stay there for long. In 2016, she was back on RAW and even participated in WrestleMania that year.

Third Time’s The Charm …

The now 38-year-old left the WWE a year later, in 2017. She would return in 2020 during the pandemic, but she struggled to connect with the fans.

As such, she was released from the promotion in November 2021. Could a third time in the WWE be more successful?

The most unfortunate thing about Eva Marie is that she was thrown into a situation with very little training. While she worked hard to improve her skills in the ring and on the mic, it was very challenging for her to “win over” fans.

Perhaps an overhaul of her character and more in-ring training could be just what Eva Marie needs to be successful in the WWE if a comeback happened. It’s hard to say.

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