Gunther Hits Big Milestone, CM Punk Didn’t Want Title

gunther hits big milestone
Credit: @justtalkwrestle, twitter, screenshot

He had a phenomenal year, but as things wind down, Gunther hits a big milestone.  Plus, it seems that maybe  CM Punk didn’t want the AEW title.

Gunther Hits Big Milestone

He quietly had one of the better years for any WWE Superstar, but as 2022 winds down…Gunther hits a big milestone.

So, while everyone is and has been focused on Roman Reigns and his incredible run…they’ve overlooked Gunther.

Oh, sure, he has not made it an entire year with gold. But as of December 27, he’s held the Intercontinental Championship for 200 straight days.

We’ve seen some long runs, we’ve certainly seen plenty of short ones.

Of course, under the old regime, if they weren’t feeling a champion, they got a short reign.

Gunther is a bit lucky in that respect. Keep in mind that, at one point, it was reported that Vince McMahon wanted to bury the Austrian ring general.

gunther hits big milestone

source: @justtalkwrestle, twitter, screenshot

Of course, to have a 200 day reign (and counting), that does mean that it began under Vince.

But now…now, his former NXT boss, Triple H, is calling the shots.

Now, how do you top a 200 day milestone?

According to some rumors, there could be a very massive WrestleMania match in his future.

If that suggested match with Brock Lesnar does not pan out-or, if it isn’t for the championship-surely there would be some other options.

One thing has been shown to be true-Gunther can deliver some excellent matches, with a variety of talents.

He and Sheamus had several top matches. Ricochet recently tried to regain the title, and while he wasn’t able to, the pair delivered another good match.

After passing 200, we just have to watch and see when the ring general will see that streak come to an end.

CM Punk Didn’t Want Title

What would you say if I said…CM Punk didn’t want to win the AEW title?

Sounds crazy, right? I mean, what wrestler wouldn’t want to win a major title?

Well, while the podcast hasn’t even existed all that long…the FTR with Dax podcast dropped that gumdrop of knowledge.

In terms of title runs, this would be the very first time Punk won the AEW belt.

gunther hits big milestone

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

According to Dax, Punk knew why Tony Khan wanted him to hold the gold, but he didn’t really want it (or, at least, that is what Punk said).

That was not the only interesting tidbit from the latest show.

In addition to allegedly not wanting the gold, Punk was picking up the meal tabs quite often, as well as gifting the AEW female talents some gift cards, albeit anonymously.

All that sort of sounds a lot less like the major pain in the rear that some paint him to be. Though to be fair, having a live media scrum meltdown didn’t help matters.

The best yet though? As much as many expect Punk is as good as gone, Dax said he implored CM Punk and The Elite to find a way to work it out.

However unlikely a truce might be, it would be in the best interests for all involved.

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