FTR Teases Future Plans, Possible Donors For Konnan

ftr teases future plans
Credit: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

At the end of an interesting and eventful 2022, FTR teases some interesting future plans. Plus, a couple big possible kidney donors for Konnan have emeged.

FTR Teases Future Plans

One of the best tag teams of our generation, FTR teases future plans.

The tag team has had quite the 2022. 

During the year, they’ve held multiple tag team championships.  They’ve also been left out of the AEW video game.

Along the way, they’ve continued to do what they’ve long been known for-having great matches.

Now, as we approach 2023, FTR may cryprically be teasing future plans.

OK, so maybe not that cryptic.

But…FTR is under contract with AEW…and Cody Rhodes isn’t even a year into his new WWE deal.

The tease came via the new FTR with Dax podcast.

And, per Harwood, he hopes he gets to work with Cody Rhodes again “very very soon” and that they would tear it up.

A couple thoughts on this.

One, FTR is a tag team, and Rhodes should be on a rocketship heading straight for Roman Reigns.

Two, there’s that pesky contract, but it’s likely that FTR will be free agents soon, based on that talk.

And…here’s the most important points. Sort of a point 3a and b.

ftr teases future plans

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

FTR had an amazing tag team run within WWE, though their best work was in NXT…when Triple H was in charge.

Yes, they did well enough on the main roster run…but they also endured things like these pranks.

Now, people love to talk about the beauty of long term story telling. 

How about FTR, returning to WWE in 2023 and regaining tag team gold alongside the American Nightmare on his quest to defeat Roman Reigns?

I mean…I don’t hate that. And as FTR teases future plans, there’s certainly at least a chance of a return.

Possible Donors For Konnan

We’ve covered his health issues at length, but now there might be some cause for optimism. It seems there are some possible donors emerging for Konnan.

Or, more specifically, some notable names willing to donate a kidney to the lucha legend.

As the donor process is complicated and involved, there are no assurances that any volunteers would even be a match.

However, according to one of his recent podcast episodes, both Dominik and Aliyah Mysterio are willing to donate a kidney.

That is a big deal for a man who is reliant on dialysis.

And, getting a young and healthy donor organ would be any recipient’s best case scenario.

ftr teases future plans

source: @wwerealone, twitter, screenshot

Of course, thus far, there is no indication on if either Mysterio has gone through any screenings to see if they’d be a match. 

There’s also no word on what, if any, impact a donation could have on Dom’s in-ring career.

According to the episode, many fans have come out with similar gestures, willing to try and help Konnan.

Given the number of supposed offers, that surely helps his chances of finding a match.

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