CJ Perry: Miro WIll Return To WWE, Two Wrestlers Won’t Return

CJ Perry: Miro WWE

CJ Perry (aka Lana) thinks it’s only a matter of time before Miro (aka Rusev) returns to WWE. Also, two wrestlers are content staying in AEW.

CJ Perry: Miro WIll Return To WWE

When Miro (then knowm as Rusev) appeared on WWE TV, fans easily associated him as a heel. Then, Rusev Day was created and he became popular with the fans.

As for CJ Perry (then known as Lana), fans also grew to enjoy seeing her on their screen. Together, the couple made an impression with fans.

Over the past two years, WWE has undergone drastic changes. The most obvious was releasing a majority of their employees, including on-air talent and those who work backstage.

Miro, like many, found a new home on AEW. As for Perry, she is busy making money on her online site.

This year, Miro has only fought four times. The last appearances was at Forbidden Door, which was months ago.

Therefore, fans are wondering if Miro’s time in AEW is over. Perry strongly hinted on 92.7 WMAY’s Mike Wennmacher that Miro is headed back to WWE.

“Well, you know, it so happens that the ‘Redeemer’ is fighting on battlefields against a couple of Gods,” said Perry. “Rusev Day will never die.” 

“It’s always going to be around. The kids are going to want to sing it and I’m sure it will make a return in WWE at some point.” 

“Rusev — well, whatever he shows [up] back in; whatever frickin name or gimmick or character he returns [as] at some point, in WWE is going to be iconic.”

Now, there are reports Miro has refused to lose against certain wrestlers. That alone, could be a sign he wants out of AEW.

Perry is busy and making good money off her social media accounts. Perhaps, Miro and Perry find their way back to WWE like many others since Triple H took charge.

Two Wrestlers Won’t Return

CJ Perry: Miro WWE

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With Triple H having more control, we are seeing more released superstars return. In fact, Bronson Reed was the latest as he appeared on RAW.

Many who departed WWE quickly signed with AEW. On the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted how some wrestlers are looking to rejoin WWE.

Although, he noted how Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland do not want to return.

“There’s guys there, Keith Lee and (Swerve) Strickland obviously, they had chances to go back and they didn’t. And they didn’t even entertain it,” said Meltzer. 

“But a lot of the guys wanted to leave. The guys who sign there, if they’re guys who really want to be ([n WWE], and just got fired and everything but can’t wait to get hired back. I don’t know that those guys have been that beneficial.”

Since joining AEW, Lee and Strickland have mostly been featured in tag team action. They even briefly held gold team gold.

Although, from the start, both sides showed tension. It has been boiling for months and the ex-champs are now going feud with each other.

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