R-Truth – Big Injury, Matt Hardy Defends The Elite Over AEW Brawl

R-Truth Big Injury
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R-Truth has apparently suffered a big injury and will be out for a long time. Also, Matt Hardy defends The Elite over the AEW All Out brawl.

R-Truth – Big Injury,

Since Triple H took over WWE’s creative department following Vince McMahon’s retirement, we have seen positive changes. In what is now being somewhat common, talent from all three brands have been make sporadic appearances.

One of the main roster superstars to appear on NXT lately is R-Truth. He quickly entered a feud with NXT’s Grayson Waller.

In the opening match on Tuesday, R-Truth and Waller wrestled. During the match, R-Truth was injured and the bout was waved off during a commercial break. 

Unfortunately, R-Truth was injured while attempting a move on the outside. And, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted how he could be out for a lengthy time.

“R-Truth was injured on the 11/1 NXT show doing a flip dive against Grayson Waller,” said Dave Meltzer. “He didn’t quite clear the top rope on the move and came down badly and his left leg was gone.” 

“This wasn’t confirmed at press time, but the belief was that he tore his quad, which is a very serious injury that could keep him out for a long time.”

The former 24/7 Champion will turn 51 years old in January. With such an injury, one has to wonder if his wrestling days are over.

Still, R-Truth remains one of the funniest superstars in all of WWE. He even made Brock Lesnar break character, which is not easy.

From everyone at Wrestle Newz, we wish R-Truth a speedy and safe recovery from his big injury.

Matt Hardy Defends The Elite Over AEW Brawl

R-Truth Big Injury

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UPDATE: Since the story was published, Matt Hardy has tweaked his comment. He issued the following:

For two weeks in row now, AEW has been teasing the return of Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. Of course, they were suspended alongside CM Punk and Ace Steel for the melee that happened backstage.

With the investigation over, Steel has been fired and it is only a matter of time before The Young Bucks and Omega return to TV. They are rumored to work the Full Gear pay per view on November 19.

Punk’s future is still not clear. There are reports AEW is trying to buyout his contract, while Punk weighs possible legal action.

Since Punk is hurt and will not be cleared to compete until next year, AEW has time. If they work out a deal and Punk is gone, Triple H said he would answer the phone.

On the Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy Podcast, Matt Hardy touched upon what happened. From what he saw, The Elite did nothing wrong.

“It’s going to be very interesting to see The Elite back, the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega,” said Hardy. “I’m very happy they are back.” 

“I will say this right here and right now, those guys didn’t do anything wrong in this situation. If anything, they were the victims.” 

“I’m telling you that from a first person perspective. I was there, I witnessed it all.” 

“I’ve just gotten to know Kenny while working with AEW. I’m very happy they are returning to TV and they are back in the mix. They deserve to be in the mix.”

Hardy is the only person on the AEW roster to publicly comment on the situation. Tony Khan has been asked several times, but he will not comment.

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