Nick Khan Sticking Around, Colt Cabana’s AEW Status

nick khan sticking around
source: @johncenatwo, twitter, screenshot

In news that may not be the worst, WWE executive Nick Khan is sticking around. Plus, after his match on Dynamite this past Wednesday, what is Colt Cabana’s AEW status moving forward?

Nick Khan Sticking Around

If I’d said this a couple years ago, it would be deemed bad news…but WWE executive Nick Khan will be sticking around.

And…that’s probably good news now.

During the pandemic, the idea of Nick Khan sticking around was a terrifying thought.

Fans associated the newer WWE executive with a massive amount of lost talent under the prior regime.

It could be argued that part of the reason for the massive cuts was Vince McMahon’s lost vision…but plenty blamed Khan as focused less on the product and more on the bottom line.

What a difference a couple years makes.

WWE has a new creative direction under new leadership, with Nick Khan taking care of his side of things.

And, things have definitely been taken care of.

Khan, along with Triple H, have been bringing back quite a few of those jettisoned talents.

nick khan sticking around

source: @johncenatwo, twitter, screenshot

Not all can be brought back (yet, anyways), and some might not want to…but things are definitely on the up and up.

So, it’s probably a good thing then, that Nick Khan is sticking around.

The WWE executive signed a new multi-year contract last month. His new deal runs through 2025.

His annual salary is nearly $1.5 million, with a similar yearly bonus and other nice perks.

Considering how many viewed him as part of the problem just a couple years ago, it’s quite a turnaround.

Colt Cabana’s AEW Status

After showing up on Dynamite to answer Christ Jericho’s open challenge…what is Colt Cabana’s AEW status moving forward?

Well, according to PWInsider…the Dynamite appearance may have been a one-off for Cabana in AEW.

Jericho, the current ROH champion, is going through matches where he ends up defeating former ROH champs, with Colt Cabana serving as his latest victim.

Cabana remains under contract with ROH. Of course, Tony Khan does own ROH as well as AEW, so he can clearly have any of either roster on whichever show he chooses.

That said, according to the report, it seems the Dynamite loss for Cabana might have been just a special appearance.

One theory many had about Cabana on Dynamite? The move was done to take a bit of a shot at CM Punk.

nick khan sticking around

source: @aew, twitter, screenshot

The currently injured and exiled former AEW Champion counts Cabana among his many enemies. Cabana was among those whom Punk ripped on in his post-All Out rant.

When asked, PWInsider had no answer if that was any part of the decision making process.

Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me.

While nothing has been formally wrapped up, there is a suspicion that the process is nearly completed.

AEW has been teasing the return of The Elite. At the same time, we are hearing more chatter about the possibility of a Punk contract buyout.

And, if Tony Khan was aiming to keep things neutral for all involved…it would seem unlikely that he’d book someone Punk ripped on Dynamite.

Yet, Khan did exactly that…and here we are.

Cabana may not do much else with AEW in the near term. For now, he remains an ROH talent…and seemingly a thorn in CM Punk’s side.

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