Logan Paul Injury Details, WWE Impressed With Omos

Logan Paul Injury Details
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Following Crown Jewel, we have the latest Logan Paul injury details. Also, of all people, Omos has actually impressed WWE officials.

Logan Paul Injury Details

Like every Roman Reigns match for over two years now, he is still champion. Yet, his latest title defense proved to more difficult than he expected.

At Crown Jewel, Reigns kept both his titles against Logan Paul. Reigns keeping the belts was not a surprise as Paul was a massive underdog.

Although, the biggest story might be the performance from the YouTube star. He has only wrestled twice, but those outings were impressive.

This time around, he trained with Shawn Michaels and must have absorbed the information like a sponge. Paul went out there and while he needs some work, most of his offense was amazing.

Unfortunately, the performance left Paul injured. After the show, he took to social media and claimed to tear his ACL and meniscus.

Jake Paul Could Be Out Until Summer 2023

So far, WWE has not confirmed the injury. Also, once Paul heads to the doctor, the extent of the injury will be much clearer.

On the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer went over a possible timeframe for return.

“I know I got one message where they said that they didn’t know if he tore his ACL,” said Meltzer. “But again, he hasn’t had it looked at.” 

“At first, he thought he did, but we’ll probably know more in a day or two. So, it may not be as bad, but it could be.” 

“The torn ACL will keep him out for over 6 months. The other one, he’ll still be out for a while.”

Regardless of what the doctors say, Meltzer was impressed like everybody else watching.

“Have you ever seen anyone in their third match be that good?,” questioned Meltzer.

Worst case scenario, Paul could be out of action until the summer of 2023. If the news is positive, there is a possibility he could be booked for WrestleMania 39.

Seeing how the match went, do not be surprised if his brother, Jake Paul, gets involved. Jake took out The Usos, so a tag team match could be something booked down the line.

WWE Impressed With Omos

Logan Paul Injury Details

Source: @insidesportwwe, Twitter, Screenshot

Speaking of Crown Jewel, many did not want to see Omos take on Braun Strowman. It was the typical giant vs giant match and most figured it would flop.

Instead, the encounter was decent. Omos dominated the entire match until the end when Strowman secured the victory.

PW Insider reports how WWE were “really happy” with Omos’ performance. They are seeing improvements with his work and are happy with the progress. 

Typically, Omos matches are squashes and often criticized by fans. When Strowman returned to WWE, many thought that was the end for Omos.

See, WWE usually does not push two giants. Although, after their Crown Jewel match, maybe WWE can make room for both superstars.

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