Jon Moxley Addiction Almost Killed Him, Lesnar – Lashley Feud

Jon Moxley Addiction Killed
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Before going to rehab, Jon Moxley revealed his addiction almost killed him. Also, the latest of Brock Lesnar and Bobble Lashley’s feud.

Jon Moxley Addiction Almost Killed Him

Jon Moxley left WWE for AEW and it was for the best. Since the first pay per view, Moxley has remained the top babyface of the promotion. 

Currently, he is in the midst of his record third AEW World Championship reign. Moxley has accomplished even more in just twelve months.

He recognized a drinking problem and took action. He left AEW and entered treatment.

During an interview with Cincinnati Enquirer, Moxley feared his addiction would kill him.

“Over a year ago, I was afraid of dying of a seizure in the ring,” said Moxley. “I had that on my mind every day. It was all [messed] up, and going through an absolute personal hell for a long time that nobody else even knew about.” 

“When you’re scared for your actual life, to make the decision to go to rehab and [stuff] was basically – I had to basically assume I’m giving everything away. I was like, Okay, I’m either going to live a long, happy life and raise my kid and be a person, or I can wrestle. But I can’t have both.”

AEW Proud Of Jon Moxley

When Moxley returned, he was welcomed with open arms by AEW, wrestlers and fans. Still, he was honest about almost losing everything.

“But when I got out, it turned out that nobody was mad at me at all,” said Moxley. “Everybody was very happy.” 

“If I had taken another step in the wrong direction, I could have been on the verge of losing my family if I had gone that way. If I had kept going in another direction, I could have died on live television.”

Since returning to TV in January, Moxley joined the Blackpool Combat Club and even signed a new contact. The new deal will see Moxley stick with AEW for five years and he will also serve as a coach.

Lesnar – Lashley Feud

Jon Moxley Addiction Killed

Source: WWE, Twitter, Screenshot

Despite being in WWE for so long, Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley have only wrestled twice. Lashley won at the Royal Rumble and Lesnar at Crown Jewel.

The Crown Jewel match saw Lashley destroy Lesnar from the opening bell. Lesnar secured the win with a quick pin that was also botched.

After the match, Lashley would not break his submission, thus turning heel in the process. Since then, Lesnar has not returned to TV.

As many guessed, the feud is not over according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. WWE will have a rubber match to conclude the angle, with a date still being decided.

The Royal Rumble in January makes sense or WWE could wait until WrestleMania 39.

Lately, Lesnar has been working more dates than in the past. Therefore, he could return in the near future.

If WWE has no plans for Lesnar and WrestleMania 39 at the moment, that could be an easy fit. 

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