Concern For Adam Cole, AEW Tournament Returning In 2023

concern for adam cole
Credit: @ShiningPolaris, twitter, screenshot

Missing quite a bit of time, there is growing concern for Adam Cole. And if you liked it this year, one AEW tournament is returning in 2023.

Concern For Adam Cole

We have not seen him in months, and there could just be some growing concern for Adam Cole.

According to the Wrestling Observer, there is indeed some concern for what the future holds for Adam Cole.

The former NXT Superstar came into AEW with a great deal of hype…but things have not really worked out.

Cole was not 100% leading into Forbidden Door, and he certainly was on the injured list following the landmark show.

During a hard hitting four way clash, Cole was said to have suffered a concussion.

We have not seen him since, and there is no known timetable for when-or even if-he could return.

To be fair, between his prior injury and the concussion on top of that, it is entirely possible AEW is being super cautious with Cole.

They have plenty of talent to run with, so it could just be a scenario where they are giving Cole as much time as needed so that he can be 100%.

That said, there is some concern, and it may be justified.

concern for adam cole

source: @ShiningPolaris, twitter, screenshot

We have seen extremely talented stars lose significant chunks of their careers to concussion related symptoms.

Bryan Danielson is the most notable example, and a recent one.

At one point, he was effectively forced to retire.

He kept pushing and working to come back, and it did happen, but he was out of the ring for a good stretch.

This isn’t to say that Cole is following that path…but until we hear otherwise…that could be a possibility.

AEW Tournament Returning In 2023

If you liked one of the premiere events of 2022, then you will be happy-one specific AEW tournament is returning in 2023.

Tony Khan confirmed during the Full Gear press conference that The Owen Hart Tournament will indeed be returning in 2023.

concern for adam cole

source: @aew, twitter, screenshot

The first iteration of the tournament was a pretty  exciting event.

In the men’s bracket, we saw the above mentioned Adam Cole take home The Owen Cup.

On the women’s side, is other have, Doctor Britt Baker, ran the table.

There should be excitement for a 2023 edition, given how the debut tournament went.

And, for a young promotion, establishing a signature annual tournament is a great move.

Plus, have to admit, at least one fan had a pretty epic idea…

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