After Impressive Crown Jewel Main Event…What’s Next?

crown jewel whats next
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The latest in the long run of Middle East events has come to an end…so after an impressive Crown Jewel main event…what’s next?

That is, of course, a loaded question.

By design, naturally.

To recap, Roman Reigns tangled with YouTuber Logan Paul and ended up successfully defending his titles.

Coming in to Crown Jewel, I think many didn’t know what to expect. Paul had nice showings in his two prior matches…but he only had two prior matches.

With such a lack of experience, it was fair to be somewhat skeptical about Paul in such a massive match.

However, for the third time in a row-and the second flying sol0-Logan Paul impressed.

But it’s not just what’s next for Logan Paul. Roman Reigns isn’t likely entering into some long program with the influencer.

What’s next…or, perhaps, who’s next in WWE…for Roman Reigns as well.

So, we ask again…

After Impressive Crown Jewel Main Event…What’s Next?

Let’s take this one by one, looking at what’s next for each of the main event participants.

Logan Paul

Like I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t sure what we’d see out of this main event.

WWE surely has high hopes, as they did ink him to a significant deal earlier in 2022.

Now, Paul is a main stream star. He is not a full-time WWE Superstar now, and I don’t expect that is changing.

But he has shown, now in three opportunities, that he is not a fish out of water. David Arquette he is not.

He knows how to wrestle, having a bit of an amateur background. Clearly he is putting the time and effort in to make sure each of his three matches have been pretty good.

We know he has more matches to come-that’s the nature of the big deal he signed. Unless the two sides change their minds, we will see more of him.

And, based on three matches? That is totally fine.

So what’s next for Logan Paul?

My best guess? Something involving his brother Jake.

crown jewel whats next

source: @mikemajlak, twitter, screenshot

Jake, of course, made the trip to Riyadh, and got involved at the tail end of the match.

We saw Jake deliver some blows to Jimmy and Jey, and then have officials keep him and Solo apart.

Now, we won’t say anything about how those punches did or didn’t look.

But having Jake and Logan together as a tag team? I mean…why not?

And while it might seem absurdly crazy…could the Paul brothers show up on SmackDown and challenge The Usos for those tag belts?

So crazy…it might just work.

Of course…this bit of news could throw a wrench into those plans…

Roman Reigns

So, after Crown Jewel, what’s next for Roman Reigns?

Many might be thinking or hoping for Bray Wyatt…but Wyatt seems to be battling himself for the time being.

There’s been plenty of hints and chatter about Reigns facing The Rock in Hollywood next year.

Whether that is actually in the plans, we don’t yet know.

However, the rumblings will not stop after Crown Jewel…considering Reigns did deliver what was effectively a Rock Bottom.

Michael Cole initially called it a urinagi, but quickly changed his tune. I can’t help but think that correction was at least somewhat intentional.

crown jewel whats next

source: @Wweonfox, twitter, screenshot

So is The Rock what’s next for Reigns following Crown Jewel? Perhaps.

When you consider that Survivor Series: War Games is up next…and then after that, there isn’t much between now and WrestleMania.

WWE has actually trimmed the premium live event schedule, and unless something gets changed again…we have just two PLE before ‘Mania.

So…perhaps Hunter and Nick Khan have The Rock secured as a Hollywood main event for Reigns?

Think about it. Reigns will not need to work solo for Survivor Series. If anything, The Bloodline could find themselves in a WarGames match.

Reigns might not defend at the Rumble, either. The elimination matches are the attractions there…and WWE clearly hasn’t cared about that “defense every 30 days” thing in a long time.

There would be one catch, but it’s not hard to handle.

Whoever wins the men’s Rumble gets a main event title match at WrestleMania. But…WrestleMania is again a two night affair.

So, whoever wins the 2023 Rumble? They get Reigns on Saturday night.

Then Rock battles Reigns on Sunday. This option also allows them to get one or both belts off of Reigns, assuming they don’t want gold on the line in a battle with the Hollywood megastar.

In the grand scheme, this is all purely speculation. But, speculating is fun, and the tea leaves are there to be read.

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