AEW Locker Room Leader, Thunder Rosa To Be Stripped Of Title

AEW Locker Room Leader
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AEW is full of big names, but who is considered the locker room leader? And, there has been talk of stripping Thunder Rosa of her title.

AEW Locker Room Leader

AEW is only a few years old and, like many other promotions, they have hit some roadblocks. The most obvious problem was the lack of control, which was seen at All Out.

Of course, CM Punk did a shoot promo on The Elite, “Hangman” Adam Page and Colt Cabana. After Punk’s remarks, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega kicked-in his locker room door.

A brawl took place and AEW suspended several names. Ace Steel was fired for biting Kenny Omega. The Elite will return from suspension this weekend and Punk is currently injured.

There is no word if Punk will be brought back to AEW TV. Many, are the under the belief AEW will buyout his contract.

After the melee, Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson held a backstage meeting. Basically, they wanted to get everyone on the same page.

While taking questions from AdFreeShows.com, Tony Schiavone went over the AEW roster. He signaled Jericho as the leader of the locker room.

“When we have locker room meetings, he kind of runs things,” said Schiavone. “There’s a number of athletes that he’s kind of in charge of their creative, and other than that, he’s just a guy that has a lot of clout.” 

“And because he has a lot of clout, when he says something, the wrestlers take it to heart. I don’t know if he really has an official title like we do.” 

“But, I just know that that’s kind of what he’s doing. Call It the team captain for lack of a better word.”

Jericho turned 52 years old earlier in the month and just signed a new five year contract with AEW. He has stated that he plans to retire there.

Thunder Rosa To Be Stripped Of Title

AEW Locker Room Leader

Source: @WWP245, Twitter, Screenshot

Unlike in WWE, AEW is does something different when a champion is absent. Instead of stripping the title, they create an interim belt.

They have done this several times in the past. Currently, Toni Storm is the Interim Women’s Champion.

She won the title at All Out in September, but the champion, Thunder Rosa, was never pinned. In fact, she was not part of the match because of injury.

That was two months ago and Storm is still walking around with an interim title. There is a big call for Rosa to be stripped the title.

During the media call for Full Gear, Tony Khan addressed the matter.

“It’s something to consider,” said Khan. “I’m still weighing the pros and cons.” 

“Thunder Rosa’s a great wrestler, and it’s unfortunate that she’s injured. It’s kept her out a long time.” 

“It’s not an easy situation and I try to take everything on a case-by-case basis and I am trying to give Thunder Rosa every opportunity to come back and defend the championship. But eventually, you would have to crown a lineal champion.”

Rosa seems to be making progress in her rehab, but no return has been stated.

For now, Storm will defend the interim gold at Full Gear this Saturday. She defends against friend and rival, Jamie Hayter.

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