Who’s Next For Brock Lesnar, Ricky Steamboat Has AEW Partners

whos next brock lesnar
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We expect The Beast back before the end of 2022, and when he is back…who’s next for Brock Lesnar? And, for his return match, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat has AEW partners.

Who’s Next For Brock Lesnar

We’ve heard rumblings of The Beast coming back soon in some fashion, but when he does…who’s next for Brock Lesnar?

Considering how he left WWE television, it is a fair question.

Lesnar’s SummerSlam clash with Roman Reigns was billed as their last clash. Until WWE decides to do it again, of course.

For now, it would seem that someone else is in his future. So, who’s next for Brock Lesnar?

It turns out, it might end up being someone who is not currently a WWE Superstar.

If the Wrestling Observer is right, the man who’s next for Brock Lesnar could be someone straight out of UFC.

No, not Matt Riddle.

whos next brock lesnar

source: @turnheelwres, twitter, screenshot

Instead, we could see WWE build toward a clash between Lesnar and Daniel Cormier.

Cormier, of course, is the special guest referee for the Fight Pit match this coming weekend at Extreme Rules. That match has Riddle taking on Seth Rollins.

Could we see something happen in Philadelphia that sets things up? That is a curious question, for sure.

According to reports, Lesnar is booked in some capacity for Crown Jewel next month.

While he may be appearing in Saudi Arabia, we have heard not to expect him wrestling in the United States again in 2022.

So, if Cormier is indeed next for Brock Lesnar, we might be waiting until 2023 to see it.

Or, could something happen this weekend that sets up Cormier-Lesnar as a main attraction on the Crown Jewel card?

Ricky Steamboat Has AEW Partners

Another grizzled veteran is working a comeback match, and Ricky Steamboat has some bigtime AEW partners working alongside him for it.

Not unlike Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat probably ought to just be retired and stay that way…he has nothing left to prove.

However, he is indeed coming back for a match. At least in this case, it seems Steamboat isn’t yet painting himself in a corner by declaring it his last match.

The North Carolina show is booked as “The Return of The Dragon” and it marks Steamboat’s first match in well over a decade.

whos next brock lesnar

source: @seanrosssapp, twitter, screenshot

But, Steamboat is wisely not working a singles match, just as Flair did not.

And, just like his longtime WCW rival, Steamboat is leaning on AEW talent to help him out in the ring.

For his return match, Ricky Steamboat will be teaming up with FTR, per the Observer.

The trio is set to take on Brock Anderson, Jay Lethal and a mystery opponent on November 27th.

Now, I find the mystery opponent quite curious.

Early on, there were reports that Flair wanted Steamboat on his Final Match card. The Dragon declined, and now he has his own show.

Since we knew before he admitted it that he would never retire…do we honestly think the mystery man is none other than Ric Flair?

I’d put decent odds on that, though with one comment. Even if he has no business in the ring anymore, a name as big as Flair’s sells tickets.

If it is Flair, I can’t imagine they keep it secret until the match itself. You’d think you would want to capitalize on that to move tickets and other buys.

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