New Purpose For Main Event, R-Truth Not Done Yet

new purpose main event
source: @wonf4w, twitter, screenshot

While most fans might not tune in for it, there is a new purpose for Main Event that makes it beneficial. Plus, we have not seen him in a while on RAW, but R-Truth is not done yet.

New Purpose For Main Event

Perhaps long considered unimportant WWE television, there is a new purpose for Main Event that might just change that.

Now, to be clear, I don’t really expect viewership of Main Event to spike up past any of the three flagship live shows. That would be crazy.

However, Main Event is taped ahead of those live shows, specifically RAW.

And, there might just be a new purpose for Main Event.

Most recently (read, Monday before the RAW season premiere), saw former NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes working a match.

new purpose main event

source: @wonf4w, twitter, screenshot

Also, Von Wagner, a rising star on the brand was in action.

Now, this is not a new thing, per se. It is, however, a renewed effort.

Under Vince McMahon, often NXT talents would be called up to work matches for Main Event, or dark matches before RAW or SmackDown.

This allowed Vince to evaluate the talents, up close and personally, with them working in front of bigger crowds.

Now, according to Fightful, we can expect more of this again.

This week saw Hayes defeat Shelton Benjamin, but also saw Wagner lose to R-Truth, in a bit of a surprise.

NXT talent was also on the show the previous week.

Hayes has long been considered one of the next big talents out of NXT. There is no indication if his match on Main Event is the precursor to that call up.

R-Truth Not Done Yet

And, speaking of Main Event, R-Truth is not done yet.

Fans have noticed…

Now, we just mentioned that Truth defeated NXT Superstar Von Wagner on this week’s Main Event taping.

But, he was also in action for last week’s Main Event, but not as a singles competitor.

Instead, Truth and Shelton Benjamin are now working as a tag team.

While the duo was not yet given a name (perhaps they won’t be), I vote for Truth Hurts.

Not that anyone asked, or would be asking, me.

The two teamed up on a previous episode of Main Event, taking the loss against the NXT team of Briggs and Jensen.

new purpose main event

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Per Fightful, the pair is listed as a team on the internal WWE roster, so it is possible that we might see them working matches on RAW or SmackDown.

Of course, we haven’t seen much of Truth lately, since the comic relief 24/7 Championship has been kept off of television.

That move happened along with the recent regime change over the summer. As goofy as it was, it was something I didn’t totally hate…though it had gotten repetitive.

Only so many times you can see Truth, Tozawa, Dana Brooke and Tamina tussle for it, right?

Working with Benjamin as a tag team could be a nice new opportunity for the popular veteran.

While the RAW and SmackDown tag team scene is dominated by The Usos, having more teams in the mix could be a good thing.

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