Miro Having AEW Issues, Is Lana Joining Her Husband?

miro having aew issues
source: @411wrestling, twitter, screenshot

It’s an interesting time for him…he just said he was happy there, but is Miro having AEW issues? And, is Lana joining her husband?

Miro Having AEW Issues

It’s been quite the month or so for him, but is Miro having AEW issues?

Let’s recap things just a bit.

With Triple H now in charge of WWE creative, there have been reports of overtures from WWE to AEW stars.

Specifically, a number of those AEW stars who used to work for WWE.

One rumored name was that of Miro. The rumor got legs because, well, AEW has not been using him much lately at all.

Miro squashed that rumor recently, indicating he was happy now in AEW.

But, is he? Or is Miro having AEW issues?

It seems he might be.

miro having aew issues

source: @411wrestling, twitter, screenshot

Check out this recent post from the AEW star…

Now…that does not sound like someone particularly pleased about how things are going, does it?

I don’t expect that Miro is suddenly regretting being in AEW. He may not be thrilled at his current position…but many have opined that AEW has treated him better than WWE.

Now, WWE now is a lot different than when he left.

But, he’s got a long term contract with Tony Khan, and Khan has made it clear he’s not going to be releasing folks.

That position by Khan is a whole lot of different fun to unpack for a different time.

But, for now at least, you have to wonder if Miro is having AEW issues.

Is Lana Joining Her Husband?

And while we are wondering about Miro, is Lana joining her husband in AEW?

Honestly, ever since Miro arrived in AEW, many wondered when, not if, Lana would land there too.

For a while, Lana worked her tail off in WWE, going through many tables in the process. However she was eventually released, and remains a free agent.

Now, the former Lana-real name CJ Perry-spoke with the Last Word On Sports blog, and her comments have us wondering.

Is Lana joining her husband in AEW soon?

miro having aew issues

source: @thecjperry, twitter, screenshot

While she might not be the biggest free agent, she remains one of those who, until she signs, people will wonder.

Now, you do have to wonder, would Lana really want to head to AEW if husband Miro was not happy?

There are a couple ways to spin that, I think.

On one hand…could she decide it is time to come on in, and that her arrival there would help things out/

Or, is it possible that Miro is not that unhappy.

My money for  now? If CJ is contemplating popping up in AEW, I think it is a safe bet that Miro is more happy than not.

If he wasn’t, why would she also want to sign up for that, when she is currently free to go anywhere?

As it is, we know Perry has been around to support her husband in AEW, but this one will be interesting to watch.

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