What Next For Toxic Attraction, Triple H Re-Hires Familiar Name

next for toxic attraction
source: @PrinXe_Mac_, twitter, screenshot

While some of the group showed up on the main roster over the summer, what’s next for Toxic Attraction? And, in other news, Triple H re-hires a familiar name.

What Next For Toxic Attraction

After seeing two thirds of the group show up during the Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament, what is next for Toxic Attraction?

Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin were initially left out of the tournament, in favor of another unlikely NXT pairing.

The pair even started advancing, but a concussion derailed things.

Meanwhile, the leader of the group-Mandy Rose-remains the NXT Women’s Champion.

However, it seems like the group could find a permanent home on SmackDown sooner than later.

next for toxic attraction

source: @PrinXe_Mac_, twitter, screenshot

According to the Wrestling Observer, what’s next for Toxic Attraction does include a fairly imminent jump to SmackDown.

It would be yet another move to bolster a suddenly revitalized main roster women’s division.

Jayne and Dolin did work another tag match after the tournament was concluded. It was effectively a make-up match, since they never were defeated in the tourney but were ousted due to injury.

For now, the group is together on NXT, still running things in that brand’s women’s division.

However, once Mandy Rose drops the NXT Championship, that may be the signal to expect the trio on the main roster soon.

Unless, of course, WWE lets Rose show up on SmackDown with her NXT gold too. It’s been done before, but not that often.

Triple H Re-Hires Familiar Name

In other news, Triple H re-hires a familiar name.

Specifically, Triple H has re-hired Gabe Sapolsky.

Sapolsky was one of several  backstage producers who were let go under the old regime.

And, with things in the creative conference room decidedly different, Triple H is bringing back the bad, as it were.

In this case, the returning band member is experienced writer Sapolsky.

Now, on one hand, we could all argue that Hunter is simply bringing back pieces vital to his success.

That would be fair enough, considering the wealth of talents Hunter has brought back already.

While Gabe Sapolsky is not himself an in-ring, on-screen talent, but works behind the scenes.

next for toxic attraction

source: @turnheelwres, twitter, screenshot

According to PWInsider, no official title was immediately available, but Sapolsky will work with the creative team once again.

Fans seemed to approve of the move, via a quick glance of social media.

Can’t say I disagree with either.

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