Tony Khan Jabs At WWE Event In Saudi, ROH TV Deal Update

Tony Khan WWE Event
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There is certainly some major competition going on between AEW and WWE. Most recently during an interview, President Tony Khan took a shot at the WWE event taking place in Saudi Arabia.

Tony Khan Jabs At WWE Event In Saudi

Tony Khan is infamous for saying the oddest things during interviews. He proved to be on point once again during a recent chat with News 12.

He starts off by saying that AEW is running some great shows around the Northeast. He goes on to state that there are so many “great wrestling markets” in one geographic area.

He’d go on to make a subtle jab at the WWE by adding that the Northeast is the “crown jewel” of wrestling markets. He notes that this region is the “real crown jewel of wrestling markets”, unlike some “BS” overseas in Saudi.

More On Tony Khan Jabs At WWE Event In Saudi

Khan also adds that New York City is the place to be. He emphasizes that he loves New York.

During the News 12 interview, Tony also states that he has a “special connection” to NYC. It’s where some of his first memories of watching sports are.

Interesting comments from AEW’s President. One has to wonder what Stephanie and HHH think of all this.

WWE Crown Jewel is taking place on November 5th in Saudi Arabia. The headlining match will be Roman Reigns versus Logan Paul for the WWE Universal Championship.

Tony Khan is juggling a lot of balls right now. While he’s taking jabs at the WWE, he’s also running AEW, and trying to get Ring of Honor (ROH) relaunched on television.

ROH TV Deal Update

Khan’s a busy man indeed and doing a ton of interviews for AEW as of late. He also spoke to In The Kliq recently and offered an update on ROH’s television deal.

Tony Khan WWE Event

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According to Tony, he wants to get a weekly TV show for ROH going again. He believes it’ll make the brand that much stronger.

He notes that “wherever it ends up” (even if it’s TV streaming), he’d love to get ROH back on television each week. He also states that he chats with Warner Brothers Discovery “frequently” about this.

Address Rumors About ROH’s TV Deal

Tony also addressed rumors about Warner Bros and NBC Universal merging together in 2024. He wouldn’t speculate on this but praised Warner’s management on Discovery’s leadership.

On March 2nd of last year, Tony Khan announced he had bought ROH during an episode of AEW Dynamite. This included the company’s brand assets, production equipment, intellectual property, as well as its video library.

Tony announced later through Twitter that the ROH acquisition is entirely owned by him and is separate from AEW. He also revealed on March 6th that he plans to keep ROH running separately from AEW.

Although he also noted that it could be a developmental brand of AEW. Tony has also stated that he has intentions to make ROH’s video library available to the public in its entirety at some point.

There’s been a lot of buzz around ROH getting on television, and it seems like Tony Khan is doing all he can to push this forward. Only time will tell.

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