The 8 Most Influential Hispanic Wrestlers

Hispanic Heritage Month

It is Hispanic Heritage Month, 30 days to celebrate the heritage of Latinos and their accomplishments and contributions to our culture. Hispanics have made a big impression in the world of professional wrestling. Beyond just lucha libre, Hispanic-Americans and those from Latin America have made indelible contributions to the world of professional wrestling. Here are just a few of those who made a lasting impact.

Most Important Hispanic Professional Wrestlers For Hispanic Heritage Month

Pedro Morales
The first Latin American to hold a world title, Morales was the WWWF (a precursor to the WWF/E) champion and became a hero to those in the Latin American community and the Puerto Rican community.

Rapid Ricky Romero

Romero was a big star in the Funky Family’s Western Sports promotions. Contrasting with the Funks’ hardcore style, Romero was a high-flyer who appealed to the West’s Mexican population.

Jack Veneno
Veneno was the star of wrestling in the Dominican Republic. His star power in the country was so great that when Ric Flair wrestled Veneno for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Title, Flair suggested Veneno beat him, fearing a Flair victory would lead to a riot. Veneno’s reign, though in the record books, lasted less than one day as Veneno handed the title back to Flair.

Carlos Colon
The icon of Puerto Rican wrestling. He was responsible for wrestling’s enormous popularity on the island.

El Santo

Santo is perhaps the first example of a wrestler transitioning to a successful acting career. Santo’s films featured the still masked wrestler who defeated foes with his wrestling moves. It made Santo a near-God in Mexico and inspired countless wrestlers across the Latin American world.

Mil Mascaras

Another Mexican icon that is well-known for never losing his mask and for being one of the biggest and first lucha stars to cross over to the United States.

He also became a star in Japan as well.

Eddie Guerrero
Some people consider him the greatest of all time. He wasn’t just an idol for Hispanic kids but for everyone who had to overcome adversity.

He cut what is the best promo ever when his “Addict” monologue.

[video_player type=”youtube” id=”dn34YKMb3kQ” playerid=”b4Kcmo16″ ratio=”landscape” credit=”” crediturl=””]

Eddie & Rey would have incredible matches together.

Rey Mysterio

As close to a real hero as you can get in modern wrestling. A man who showed you that the little guy (literally) could stand up to bullies and giants to conquer the world. And the fact that he’s been wrestling at a high level for 30 years is impressive. 

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