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Hunter Patterson is a writer based in Los Angeles. He loves writing about pop culture, popcorn, and pro wrestling. When he isn't writing, he is working on several creative endeavors. In his free time, he enjoys reading science fiction, perfecting his chili recipe, and exploring Los Angeles' amazing culinary scene.

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Sami Zayn
Sami gets a lot more Ucey, Alexa Bliss isn’t paying attention, and Austin Theory hits a growth spurt on this week’s Raw
Why is WWE doing WarGames at SurvivorSeries? What’s The Miz’s end game? Plus my wishcasting for WrestleMania
Brock Lesnar
It was a scary episode of Monday Night Raw as we celebrated Halloween and WWE’s latest cash-grab in Saudi Arabia
The Miz
The Miz has a dark secret, There are NXT stars all over the main roster, and JBL and his terrible suits are back
Bray Wyatt
We’ve analyzed the clues. We’ve poured over every detail, video, and screenshot. And at Extreme Rules, we finally got our […]
White Rabbit QR Code
We continue to get more questions than answers about the White Rabbit. What if it isn’t just one person making a debut?
White Rabbit
This week on Monday Night Raw, the White Rabbit mystery gets a lot weirder, and the Miz gets a hapless army of Keystone Cops.
Who is the White Rabbit? While a lot of fans are hoping for it to be Bray Wyatt, there are some other theories.
Hispanic Heritage Month
This Hispanic Heritage Month, we look back on stars such as El Santo and Rey Mysterio and their long legacy and influence
Logan Paul
Logan Paul said he could take Reigns in the ring, citing his match at SummerSlam and that he took on Floyd Mayweather