Details You Missed On The September 12th Monday Night Raw

Damage CRTL

As we move towards EXTREME RULES, RAW moves further away from the Vince McMahon era. Triple H’s time at the helm featured fun storylines and some incredible wrestling. 

The crowd in Portland was hot and brought a lot of great energy. 

Damage CNTRL wins the Gold.

Rectifying a wrong; Dakota Kai and Iyo Skye are now the Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Now all that’s next is Bayley winning the Raw tag title. WWE needs some actual female heels. Dameage CNTRL are great in the ring, and Bayley convincingly plays the bad guy. 

I don’t think Raquel and Aliyah made sense as a tag team. Beyond the “big, little” dichotomy, the two didn’t have much chemistry. Raquel needs to be a single star; she is too good not to get a chance to shine on her own. 

Are Rhea And Dominik A Couple?

Seriously, what is this? 

This is a unique situation. It is a female/male pairing, and the female is in the lead, but she isn’t being overly manipulative. Just evil, she seems to do most of her work on Dominik behind the scenes, but the whisper demonstrates she is the “Papi” in the relationship. But there isn’t any sexual tension here. If I didn’t know any better, I would think Rhea is wrestling Rey sooner rather than later. Will WWE lift its ban on intergender wrestling?

Johnny WRESTLING’s Wrestling

It was a great decision to put Gargano in a match with Chad Gable. Gargano wasn’t dwarfed and had an excellent partner to show off his exceptional technical skills.

And then THIS GUY had to ruin it.

KO vs. Theory

Theory has such a punchable face. Look at this dude. The twerp ruined Johnny Gargano’s victory celebration with a cheap shot.

After yakking about how great he is, KO came out and tried to put some learning onto the young Theory. Kevin Owens is trying to bully Austin’s Theory into greatness. Like Theory, KO had his opportunities handed to him on a silver platter.

Kevin Owens gave an incredible pep talk to Theory, telling him he has to work harder and earn his way to being one of the best of all time, just like KO did.

Technical Difficulties

While Omos walked to the ring, the Raw TV feed scrambled and cut out and…

Dexter Lumis: Children’s Sketch Artist. 

Lumis continues to haunt the Miz. This time, the Indie Hartwell’s kayfabe husband made it inside The Miz’s palatial Hollywood estate. And decided to leave some art behind. 

IRL Lumis is a skilled draughtsman with a unique style. 


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