It Is Time To Banish CM Punk From Wrestling

CM Punk

There were three significant shows this weekend in the wrestling world. No one is talking about any of them. The only discussion in the wrestling fandom has been the spectacle caused by CM Punk’s backstage antics and the ensuing (alleged) brawl.

Punk has always wanted to be seen as a “lockerroom leader,” but lost nearly all of the backstage crew’s support following his tirade against the Bucks and the fight.

Wrestling media reports suspensions are likely coming for those involved in the brawl. This means Punk, The Bucks, Ace Steel, and Kenny Omega will be stepping away. 

But I don’t think that goes far enough. Examples have to be made. Tony Khan can’t keep acting like the cool boss. He has to lay the hammer down. And it has to signal the end of CM Punk’s wrestling career. 


CM Pun Must Be Fired

Punk’s behavior over the last few weeks would get you fired anywhere else, “kayfabe” or not. From his cowardly verbal attack towards Hangman Page to his absolute embarrassing scree against his ex-friend Colt Cabana, these statements alone would be grounds for removal.

I thought we had spent the last four years ridding wrestling of its toxic elements. The media even got rid of Vince McMahon over this! Do we have to tolerate Punk because of his appeal? What appeal? AEW ratings did not improve with him. He buried a lot of young talent, put nobody “over” but himself, and now holds the AEW title hostage because Tony Khan is a trust fund kid who wanted to make real wrestling dolls.

Let’s Move On From Phil Brooks

Enough of this. Enough of Phil Brooks. He has turned into a stain on the wrestling industry. He was once the voice of the voiceless, but now he’s little more than sabotaging egomaniac who seems to burn every friendship he has.

The sad part is that his claim that he didn’t cost anyone their job will blow up in his face. Ace Steel literally *reportedly* bit another man to defend Punk’s honor. Is he going to help Steel get a job? No, he’ll probably talk a big game about loyalty before cutting off another friend.

Another toxic part of this? I can’t wait to watch Dynamite tomorrow. The ratings will be through the roof and not because of wrestling or any of the actual talents like Wardlow, MJF, Daniel Bryan, or even Moxley. People will watch to see how “real” this whole issue will be.

I’ll leave you with this regarding whether or not Tony knows what’s going on in his own company.

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