WWE Superstar Getting Change, Is Miro Happy In AEW

wwe superstar getting change
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With a new creative team guiding things, another WWE Superstar could be getting a big change. Plus, is Miro happy in AEW?

WWE Superstar Getting Change

It has not taken Triple H too long to start shaking things up, and with that in mind, another WWE Superstar could be getting a change soon.

Just a couple years ago, during the early stages of the pandemic, WWE introduced us to Retribution.

The disruptive faction fizzled quite quickly, as most fans found the group to be more funny than intimidating.

There was one upside to the group. It brought a couple significant NXT talents to the main roster, even if it was with goofy names and masks.

One, Mia Yim, is no longer with WWE.

Another, however, is.

wwe superstar getting change

source: @getthetables_ twitter, screenshot

T-Bar, the former Dominik Dijakovic, has been bouncing around the main roster since coming up with Retribution.

He was a powerhouse in NXT, having some impressive matches with Keith Lee and others.

The talent is there…and now the WWE Superstar could be getting a change.

According to PWInsider, the new WWE creative team could be giving T-Bar a change.

Thus far, it isn’t known if that would mean keeping him as T-Bar, but just changing up the packaging, or if the entire gimmick would be tossed.

If the gimmick were to be tossed, there are plenty of fans who I’d bet would be hoping we get back the NXT powerhouse Dominik Dijakovic.

It is yet another encouraging sign that Triple H has things moving in a positive direction, giving new faces a chance to succeed and eliminating some of the horrible decisions from his predecessor.

Is Miro Happy In AEW

On the other side if things, we find ourselves asking…is Miro happy in AEW?

This line of questioning is spurred by a couple tweets the AEW star made recently.

It started as interim AEW World Champion Jon Moxley defended against Mance Warner.

During the match, Miro posted this:

Later, a fan responded to the tweet, trolling the former WWE Superstar by asking simply if Miro still worked in AEW.

Miro himself liked the tweet, leading some to wonder…is he happy in AEW?

wwe superstar getting change

source: @GOATGOD_1000, twitter, screenshot

Looking at things as they are, and factoring one other important variable, I would say he probably still is.

Meaning…I’d lean toward thinking his tweets were trolling, or possibly leading to a chance for him and Mance Warner to have at it.

That important variable? There is that detail Miro signed a new, longer term deal with AEW, at the beginning of 2022.

Now, that does not mean things cannot (or did not) turn sour fast.

However, he may just be unhappy that someone that many do not know (Warner) got a shot at Moxley and the AEW belt…and it wasn’t Miro.

It is, of course, entirely possible for him to not be happy with how he is being used currently. Although, otherwise OK with his position within the promotion.

Still, there were rumblings when Jonathan Gresham blew up at Tony Khan, that Miro was one of a number of talents with similar experiences.

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