WWE Likely Staying PG
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There was talk WWE would switch to a TV-14 rating, but someone decided to stick with PG. Also, Seth Rollins has changed his wrestling style.

WWE Likely Staying PG

In 2008, WWE made a big decision by switching from TV-14 to PG. At the time, the goal was to bring in a younger audience.

In recent months, there has been talk of going back to the TV-14 rating. It might have to do with AEW finding success. 

During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted how the switch likely will not happen. Hence, he believes Stephanie McMahon made the call to keep things as they are.

That’s not gonna happen now yet,” said Meltzer. “That was one of the new things.” 

“I mean it was planned and nd I think it’s the new regime and that could be Stephanie instead of Vince. You know Vince maybe was considering it.” 

“Stephanie’s thing is you know we don’t need it. And they don’t. Before when things were down, things were declining, you kind of go what can we do to reverse the decline.” 

“When things are going up and haven’t done it, you don’t have to go like, ‘Hey, you know, we got to come up with some ideas to make things go up. And they’re doing swearing so maybe we got to do that one now. AEW is not going up and we are going up.’” 

“So why do we need to fight them on their own. To do what they did, that stopped working.” The trajectory of everything, it’s kind of like… Yeah, that’s probably a decision we shouldn’t make right now.”

“So they didn’t. I actually congratulate them for reversing course based on analyzing what’s happened in the last four months.”

WWE is doing much better with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and Nick Khan. If it works, no need to make any changes.

Now, if AEW continues to grow, WWE might have rethink their plans.

Seth Rollins Working Safer

WWE Likely Staying PG

Source: @WWEonFOX, Twitter, Screenshot

Fans have watched Seth Rollins grow in-front of their very eyes. He came from NXT and debuted as a member of the Shield.

Already, he has captured numerous titles and made some historic moments. Also, he started a family by marrying Becky Lynch and then the two had a child.

Because being a dad means so much, Rollins explained to Metro how he changed his wrestling style. Basically, he is looking to work safer while still earning an income.

“It’s one of those things – for me, it’s extra inspiring,” said Rollins. “You wanna work harder to make the kid proud and earn as much of a living as you can to provide for that person.” 

“I think she’s been extra inspirational in that way. But at the same time, she’s obviously made me think about things in a safer way.”

Looking back, it does seem like Rollins is working a bit safer. Beforehand, he took some nasty bumps and even delivered some dangerous spots.

A child can change someone and that is exactly what happened with Rollins.

Currently, Rollins and Lynch are part of the RAW brand. Therefore, they can travel together and spend more time with their baby.