Triple H Hires Friend Road Dogg Back, Big E Big Setback

Triple H Road Dogg
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Now that Triple H is leading WWE’s creative, fans can already see changes in the product. One other decision he recently made was to hire back his friend, Road Dogg Brian James, to help. More on this story, below.

Triple H Hires Friend Road Dogg Back

Road Dogg was released by the WWE earlier in 2022. He was the first of many within HHH’s “inner circle” to be let go at that point in time.

Now that he’s officially back with the company, what will Road Dogg be doing? The WWE Hall of Famer will be stepping into the role of Senior Vice President of Live Events.

This was Jeff Jarrett’s position with the WWE before he exited the role, very recently. Jarrett was in this position for approximately three months and happens to be quite close to Road Dogg, as well.

For those that recall, James inducted Jarrett into the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2018. The two have been close for decades.

Triple H Hires Road Dogg Back – More Details

HHH seems to be making some major creative waves within the WWE. He also recently gave buddy Shawn Michaels a promotion.

The Heartbreak Kid is now the VP of Talent Development Creative. It’ll be interesting to see how both of the DX vets will do in their new roles.

Interestingly enough, Road Dogg will report to Bruce Prichard. How will Road Dogg fair in his new role?

Over to Big E, he’s had to hurdle a tremendous number of obstacles throughout his life. Looks like there’s another one on the horizon.

Big E Big Setback

Big E has been out of action since March of this year, due to a neck injury. He landed on his head when Ridge Holland laid a belly-to-belly suplex on him, during a SmackDown match.

Triple H Road Dogg

Source: @WrestlePurists, Twitter, Screenshot

While thankfully no surgery was needed, he did suffer a broken neck. He seemingly is on the road to recovery.

With that said, he was recently on Out of Character with Ryan Satin. E offered up a major update on his neck injury.

Big E Provides Major Recovery Update

During the interview, E reveals that he has “issues” with his C1. According to the New Day member, it is not completely forming on the bone.

With that said, E does have some good news with recovery. First off, he no longer needs to wear a brace.

He also has no issues with his nerves. He states he has no weakness or tingling, plus, he has been in the gym working out a mere two weeks after the injury.

The former WWE Champions states in the interview that the doctors want to take a look at his neck again after a year. Therefore, the downside in all of this is he is still not cleared to wrestle.

It also remains “up in the air” if he’ll ever step into a squared circle to compete. Only time will tell.

Big E has had an incredible career in the WWE since entering NXT in 2012. He’s been an NXT Champion, WWE Champion, held the IC title twice, won the Men’s Money in the Bank (MITB) briefcase in 2021, and has been a WWE Tag Team Champion a total of 8 times with the New Day.

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