Triple H Bringing More Violence, Is Vince McMahon Still Involved

triple h more violence
source: @skwrestling_, twitter, screenshot

The last couple weeks of shows is telling us…Triple H is bringing more violence back to WWE. Plus, is Vince McMahon still involved in running shows?

Triple H Bringing More Violence

Looking back at the last couple weeks, we can all see…Triple H is bringing more violence back to WWE.

According to reports, we can expect more of that in the future.

Now, while some might point to RAW’s car crash, or Lesnar’s tractor fun, as examples…there are others.

One more way we’ve already seen Triple H bringing more violence to WWE?

This past week on RAW, we saw Rhea Ripley drag a battered Dom Mysterio to the entrance stage.

triple h more violence

source: @skwrestling_, twitter, screenshot

Now, the bruises and blood were likely makeup, because we have yet to see footage of the incident.

But, for years, WWE had been shying away from gratuitous blood and such.

Now in charge, Triple H is clearly bringing more violence to his shows.

This does not necessarily mean we will see blood for the sake of blood.

When used correctly, it can help tell a story. While some old timers bled way too much and way too often, the recent toned down WWE almost never did.

Sometimes it was allowed. Other times, even blood the hard way was sometimes frowned upon.

Not that talent can control accidentally being busted open…

But, as a combat sport-even a choreographed one-it is a violent one.

Violence leads to blood, and blood makes a product more authentic and believable.

As such, Triple H is bringing more violence back to a WWE ring near you.

Is Vince McMahon Still Involved

If you have missed it, there is a bit of a popular conspiracy of late….is Vince McMahon still involved behind the scenes?

Considering McMahon’s daughter and son-in-law are now two of the top three in WWE, some believe that Vince McMahon is still involved behind the scenes.

It is a convenient theory. 

Dad retires, but funnels ideas to his son-in-law and daughter. He gives the appearance of being out of the way…while still maintaining some control.

However, if you still think Vince McMahon might be somewhat involved…you have not been paying attention.

As Fightful put it, if McMahon was still involved, there would be no chance we would have seen recent shows as we did.

Dakota Kai would not be back. Bayley’s SummerSlam return would likely have looked a lot different, if it happened at all.

triple h more violence

source: @reigns_era, twitter, screenshot

Karrion Kross and Dexter Lumis would not be back either.

The post SummerSlam RAW would have felt a lot more like…a rehash of SummerSlam.

Those shows went as they did specifically because Vince McMahon is not still involved.

He might still have limited access to WWE facilities, but as we get more into the Triple H creative regime, it is more and more clear.

Vince McMahon is gone, and he is not still involved in WWE.

Honestly, to think he would be is silly. Considering how he treated his son-in-law and NXT in the last year or two?

Hunter might love the man as his father-in-law and grandfather to his kids…

But business-wise, I doubt Triple H has a soft spot for Vince’s creative decisions.

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