Superstar’s Ex Drags On Twitter, Networks Happy With Changes?

superstar's drags on twitter
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It’s been a very interesting few days for Matt Riddle, as now the Superstar’s ex drags him on Twitter. And, are the TV networks happy with the changes within WWE?

Superstar’s Ex Drags On Twitter

This week’s RAW was big for him, but Tuesday wasn’t so hot, as one Superstar’s ex drags him on Twitter.

On Monday, we saw the return of Matt Riddle. Of course, Riddle had not really gone anywhere, but he got his first name back.

It was not the only first name returned to a Superstar this week, as tiny changes continue to make a big difference.

From there, Riddle had a spicy exchange with Seth Rollins, as fans witnessed their vitriol leap to extremely personal levels.

Tuesday morning, fans knew that the Original Bro had his full name back.

By Tuesday afternoon, fans saw something different.

Specifically, the Superstar’s ex girlfriend drags him on Twitter, for all the world to see.

And, just to make sure the world noticed, she tagged numerous WWE Superstars, dirt sheets and others.

It was not pretty, and it is not the first time Riddle’s name came up in some…interesting accusations.

Things went off the rails from there, with another post Tuesday night from the ex.

So, it has been a crazy day for Riddle, right?

But…while this is only her side of the story…and if you skim her Twitter feed, she seems to interact with a number of other women involved with Riddle…something seems to not add up.

For me, it’s her evening tweet. “I asked for an NDA, he never took it seriously”.

superstar drags on twitter

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Having signed more than my share of NDA before, that isn’t quite how one works. Typically, you sign it, then you learn why.

I almost feel like to her, an NDA was something a bit different.

Of course, had she texted him “come pay me money to keep quiet or else…”, well..she would be in trouble.

It’s a crazy situation and it seems like there is just more to come. Stay tuned.

Networks Happy With Changes?

With a lot happening within WWE over the last couple months, are the networks happy with the changes?

In a word…yes.

Per a report via Fightful, USA Network and parent company NBCUniversal are said to be very happy with the changes, and the resulting ratings boost.

Things have been trending in a positive direction all around since just before SummerSlam.

The report indicates that ratings have bounced back to numbers more in line with what the broadcasting giant expected when renewing the TV deal.

Since Triple H has taken over creative, many have enjoyed a refreshed product. The production is fresher, there are new faces and new pushes.

superstar's drags on twitter

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Talent is happier, thanks in no small part to less micro-management.

Wrap it all up and it makes for a very positive change, and the networks are happy with the changes thus far.


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