Stars Missing From AEW Game, Will Samoa Joe Return Soon?

aew stars missing game
Credit: @garyh3k, twitter, screenshot

As the company nears it’s release, it seems some major stars are missing from the AEW game. Plus, will Samoa Joe return to action soon?

Stars Missing From AEW Game

While it is already winning awards, some major stars are missing from the AEW video game.

The game, yet to be released, does not currently feature FTR in any capacity.

You read that right. The current AEW tag team champs are missing from the AEW video game.

Fightful reported that the stars, missing from the current version of the AEW game, were included in early versions.

When the duo was told they were not in the game as it currently stands, the news did not go over well.

That they were ticked is understandable. The stars have held the AEW tag belts (and a few others) for quite a bit of time.

Since arriving in AEW, they’ve been among the best tag teams in the world.

To not be included in the game is a bit baffling. Not to mention insulting.

According to reports, stars not missing from the AEW game are in line for some bonus money, presumably tied to unit sales.

Given that modern video games are often provided ongoing updates, as well as paid add-on content, it is possible that FTR are added.

aew stars missing game

source: @garyh3k, twitter, screenshot

What remains unclear is what motivated their removal from the current version of the game.

If, for example, their renders did not look too good, you’d expect developers to fix that, versus remove them.

And, you’d expect the duo would be informed of that.

For now, the stars are missing from the AEW game…so if you want to play as FTR…keep waiting.

Or…as fans have done...start speculating…

Will Samoa Joe Return Soon?

Speaking of missing stars from AEW, will Samoa Joe return to the ring soon?

Wrestling fans are unfortunately used to seeing the former WWE Superstar appear sporadically.

His time in WWE was riddled with injuries.

This time around, as best we can tell, there wasn’t an injury related reason for his absence.

Instead, the submission specialist took time off to film his role in an upcoming television series.

Ironically, Joe has a part on Twisted Metal, being made for NBCUniversal’s Peacock platform.

NBCUniversal, of course, has a long-standing relationship with Samoa Joe’s former employer.

aew stars missing game

source: @prowrestlingfinesse, twitter, screenshot

As noted by Ringside News, filming for the show’s first season recently wrapped.

With filming of season one now in the books, it would seem we can expect Samoa Joe back in AEW and ROH sooner than later.

Given the number of talents missing time due to injuries, getting a major star like Joe back has to help.

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