Released Superstar Wants Return, Paige Not Rushing To AEW

released superstar wants return
source: @dtfmania, twitter, screenshot

With a significant change in WWE leadership, at least one released Superstar wants to return. And, though she is now a free agent, Paige is not rushing to join AEW.

Released Superstar Wants Return

Over the last couple years, WWE has let go a significant amount of talent. Now, at least one released Superstar wants to return.

That’s the word via a post captured by several sites. By the looks of it, Killer Kross is not shy about an interest in coming back to WWE.

Kross, who went by Karrion in NXT and on the main roster, was abruptly released after a really disastrous run on the main roster.

Many speculated it was some twisted way for Vince to punish his son-in-law and his NXT talents, for reasons we may never fully understand.

released superstar wants return

source: @dtfmania, twitter, screenshot

After all, how else can we explain the losses Kross endured, on the main roster, while still holding the NXT title?

It was a bizarre set of events, and the whole time after he was called up made little sense.

Like, he was made to wear a new mask with a ridiculous gladiator-esque ring attire.

Or, worse, his wife and valet did not appear with him.

His run was doomed from the start…and now the man wants another shot.

And, he might not be the only released Superstar who wants to return.

We’d heard rumblings last week that, with the promotion of Triple H in WWE, plenty of released former talent might want-and get-another shot.

There was already one at SummerSlam, in the form of Dakota Kai.

Could Killer Kross be another? And, how many more might there be?

Paige Not Rushing To AEW

She might be free to do so, but Paige says she is not rushing to join AEW.

That note comes directly from Paige herself, speaking at Sunday’s Starrcast V wrestling fan event.

Paige, of course, had her WWE contract run out just recently. She can now return to the ring, outside of WWE, if she chooses.

Now, before we all go thinking she’s going back to WWE because Triple H is in charge now…not so fast.

The somewhat retired former Superstar was quite complimentary to AEW, but noted she had reasons she was not rushing to join the company.

Specifically, she indicated she is in the middle of working on a book, for starters. In addition to her responsibilities as an author, she made note of other “non-wrestling projects”.

released superstar wants return

source: @realpaigewwe, twitter, screenshot

So, taking the former NXT and Divas Champion’s word for it, she just does not have time for AEW at the present time.

However, she never closed the door on showing up in AEW. She did mention that she likes the product, and has a lot of friends there now.

Of course, she could already have a deal in place, with AEW or even back to WWE, and she’s just being coy.

That happens all the time in pro wrestling, so this wouldn’t be shocking.

If her neck is up for it, there’s going to be plenty of interest in her…when she wants to return to the ring.

For now, however, Paige does not seem to be rushing to AEW. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

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