Details You Missed On The August 29th Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw

This week’s RAW emanates from the Steel City as we are on the road to the Castle, the Clash at the Castle. Not since Owain Glyndŵr has Wales since such a massive battle. The WWE’s first Premium Live Event in the UK in nearly 20 years has had a fantastic build as WWE looks to pull out all the stops* for a massive show.

As usual, here are a few Monday Night Raw details you missed. 

Edge Calls Damien Priest An Incel

Edge is feuding with his former stable, Judgement Day, and he is not mincing words. After Damien Priest made a disparaging comment about Beth Phoenix “wearing the pants” in the relationship. Edge didn’t take that lightly and called out Priest for his misogynistic takes.

Speaking of wearing pants, Rhea Ripley is positioning herself quite aggressively. If someone ever does hit her, I think the crowd would go nuts.

A Note On Tonight’s Jobbers

WWE rarely uses “local talent” for jobbers anymore. But WWE put local Pittsburgh wrestlers against Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss. The three will take on Bayley’s new squad at Clash at the Castle this weekend.
The three women in the ring were Katie Arc, Dani Mo, and Kayla Sparks.

Katie Arc (real name Katie Arquette) will also be jobbing on AEW Dark. Good for her to get more TV time than all of AEW’s female roster and allow her to complete the very rare “Rick Rude.” 

I guess she and Sparks have that in common.

Kayla Sparks is also a local PGH wrestler

Dexter Lumis Continues To Creep Out Everyone

Lumis was arrested last week at NXT, so presumably, he was out of WWE’s hair. Well, nope. The Miz didn’t press charges against Lumis when he was kidnapped. Miz refuses to say what Lumis did to him, seemingly hinting that Lumis did something awful.

Is the Miz hallucinating Lumis Now? By the way, excellent camera work on this.

Miz spent the match vs. Bobby Lashley paranoid and thought he saw Lumis at the top of the stairs. 

Miz then tried to run for it, but Lumis hid in the back of his SUV. 

This whole build has been impressive. They are making Lumis look like a legit psycho, and he hasn’t said a word. 

Will the mind games continue? What’s WWE’s plan for Lumis? Is Lumis even a real person? 

Kurt Angle’s Ring Gear

Kurt Angle came out in wrestling gear, making many of us very nervous.

More specifically, he’s in his Team Angle gear. Is a reunion in the works?

No wrestling for Kurt, but he did bring out milk.

And he and Edge revived a classic bit.


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