Kevin Nash Saved Sean Waltman From OD, CM Punk Anniversary

Kevin Nash Sean Waltman
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Kevin Nash has a story where he saved Sean Waltham from an OD during their WWE days. Also, CM Punk reflects on one year with AEW.

Kevin Nash Saved Sean Waltman From OD

In pro wrestling, there are loners and those who interact with a select group of people. Basically, it is like high school.

In 1990s, WWE had The Kliq (Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Triple H, the late Scott Hall and Sean Waltman). They built a bond and truly care about each other until this day.

Also, that means they liked to party together. Now, we know Triple H is not into drugs, but the others were at the time.

On the “Kliq This” podcast, Nash discussed a situation where Waltman almost overdosed on somas, which makes the body shake.

Waltman had too many somas at Denny’s and the shakes start kicking-in. Michaels and Hall slapped Waltman, while Triple H yelled as it was first day with the group.

Back at the hotel, they put Waltman in shower with cold water. They then took turns making sure he stayed awake.

How Kevin Nash Saved Sean Waltman 

“It was one of those deals where we were up all night wrestling with Kid in a cold shower, like making him go in the shower and then walk him up and down the hallway,” said Nash. “We didn’t know if he’s gonna OD or what.” 

“I mean, this goes on all night. He started to fade out and we’re like, come on, and he’s fighting.” 

“He’s wiry and strong, like maniac-strong. It’s taking all of us to hold him in this ice cold shower and walk up and down the hallways.”

Waltman finally went to sleep around 6am. Nash stayed by his side to make sure he was breathing.

A few hours later, Waltman recovered and told Nash he loved him. Right there, that is true friendship.

“I was just sitting there looking at him. He just looked at me and said, Love your man,” said Nash. “I just want to go and take this time to say thank you for saving my life.”

“He turned and went to bed. I said, don’t mention it. We’re cool.”

And remember, that was Triple H’s first day with the group.

Sadly, The Kliq and world lost Hall earlier in the year due a blood-clot during an operation. There might be one less member around, but the the stories will go on for decades.

CM Punk Anniversary

Kevin Nash Sean Waltman

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One year ago, plus a day, the unthinkable happened. AEW convinced CM Punk to come out of his seven year retirement. 

Fans knew it was coming as AEW dropped plenty of hints. Since joining, Punk has worked major feuds and is the current AEW World Champion.

He took the time to reflect on the past year.


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Currently, there seems to be an issue with Punk and AEW. He cut a promo on “Hangman” Adam Page, which was not planned.

Some are calling it a receipt for unknown comments Page made about Punk. Also, there has been talk that Punk is angry with AEW and might quit.

The second rumor could be a stretch, but Punk has been known to upset talent before.

On Wednesday’s Dynamite, Punk takes on interim AEW World Champion Jon Moxley to unify the titles. If Punk drops the belt, that could be very telling about his future.

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