Karrion Kross – Big WWE Push, Edge’s Current Status For TV

Karrion Kross WWE Push
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After his shocking return, WWE looks to have a big push already set for Karrion Kross. Also, what is Edge’s TV schedule moving forward?

Karrion Kross – Big WWE Push

Changes were expected to happen in WWE with Vince McMahon retired, but not this fast. With Triple H now in control of creative, we are seeing some familiar names. 

SummerSlam saw returns from injured superstars and even a released one in Dakota Kia. Around the same time Kia was let go, the same happened to Karrion Kross and his now wife, Scarlett.

Triple H was vey high on the duo, hence why they are back. They appeared in the closing segment between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre on SmackDown.

Fightful reports Kross will be getting a huge push. The plan is for him to be inserted into the program with Reigns and McIntyre.

Currently, McIntyre will try to defeat Reigns for gold at Clash At The Castle. The event is September 3 as WWE returns to England for their first pay perv view in decades.

The report also noted how Reigns might only defend one of his titles. There has been a push from the USA Network to get a major champion on each week.

With what occurred on SmackDown, inserting Kross into the match seems simple. Then, either him or McIntyre secure at least one title without Reigns being involved in the outcome.

Karrion Kross’ First Run Fell Flat

Kross’ first WWE run went from great to awful real fast. He and Scarlett debuted in NXT with a massive push.

Kross was undefeated when he captured the NXT Championship. Although, he suffered an injury during the title match and vacated the belt days later.

He would return and once again quickly win the title. This time, he also worked on the main roster while still in NXT.

In NXT, Kross seemed unstoppable until Samoa Joe ended his title reign. As for the main roster, it was very much the opposite.

To begin, Scarlett never appeared with Kross. Also, he lost a majority of his matches.

Eventually, he was mostly on Main Event and even given a gladiator mask. Basically, WWE seemed to have no idea or interest in pushing Kross.

With Triple H running creative and Stephanie McMahon intern-CEO, the WWE is dramatically changing. And, that is best for business.

Edge’s Current Status For TV

Karrion Kross WWE Push

Source: WWE on FOX, Twitter, Screenshot

Speaking of returns, Edge is back after being written off TV briefly when The Judgment Day turned on him. While not confirmed, Edge seems set to compete from England later this month.

PWInsider confirmed that Edge is booked for every RAW leading up to the pay per view. No word on if he faces Finn Balor, Damian Priest or WWE books a tag team match with a surprise addition to help Edge.

Edge was the leader of the stable until Balor changed everything. The stable was great, but Edge wanted out as the group was becoming too supernatural.

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