Cost Of Vince McMahon Investigation, WWE Splits Up Tag Team

Cost Vince McMahon Investigation
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WWE recently launched an internal investigation on Vince McMahon. This was due to non-disclosure agreements with employees for millions and sexual misconduct allegations. While VKM retired, the cost of this scandal was a hefty one.

Cost Of Vince McMahon Investigation

The WWE second-quarter earnings for 2022 took place earlier this morning via a conference call. Frank Riddick, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, revealed an added $1.7 million has been included for adjustments.

This money reflects the price tag on the VKM investigation, as well as anything else the WWE paid for, which was not covered by insurance. Riddick reveals during the call that Vince would pay the costs incurred during the investigation.

According to reports, McMahon has racked up $19.6 million in “unaccounted” payments around this entire situation. This forced the WWE to alter its second-quarter results and delay the release of these reports.

More On The Cost Of The Vince McMahon Investigation

During the call, Riddick confirmed VKM’s resignation and also noted that John Laurinaitis was released by the WWE. For those that recall, Laurinaitis was included in the hush-hush money allegations reported by the Wall Street Journal.

The silver lining in all this – if one can be found – is that both McMahon and Laurinaitis are gone from the WWE. Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan have stepped in as co-CEOs.

Probably the best news is that Triple H has replaced John as the head of creative. Fans are already noticing positive changes both in pay-per-view (PPV) events and WWE TV.

Speaking of the promotion, news has hit that a WWE tag team has officially split. More on this story, below.

WWE Splits Up Tag Team

Looks like the tag team of Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander are done. During a recent Main Event taping, the pair were in a singles match, facing each other.

Cost Vince McMahon Investigation

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This was rather puzzling to fans since they’ve been aligned together for a while. The two used to be a part of The Hurt Business, along with MVP and Bobby Lashley.

MVP and Lashley have long “broken up”, so perhaps it was time to do the same with Alexander and Benjamin. In the end, Cedric defeated Shelton in their one-on-one face-off.

After the match, the two shared a moment in the ring, hugging each other. Shelton essentially turned babyface during the bout.

Their WWE History

Shelton Benjamin is a WWE veteran, starting off with the company in 2000. Over the years he’s been U.S. Champion, IC Champion, held the WWE Tag Titles, and was 24/7 Champion.

Meanwhile, Cedric Alexander has been with the WWE since 2016. During his time with the company, he’s held the Cruiserweight Championship, was 24/7 Champ, and became RAW Tag Champion (with Benjamin).

The Hurt Business was formed in 2020 and was quite the stable to be reckoned with. MVP was the mouthpiece, while Lashley lead the group, with Alexander and Benjamin acting as the “muscles” of the faction.

During their program against The New Day, Shelton and Cedric won the RAW Tag Titles in September of 2020. They had a solid run, dropping the Tag Championships in March of the following year.

What will become of the two? Alexander appeared on the latest edition of RAW, teaming up with Mustafa Ali.

Could he become a part of a new tag team? Meanwhile, no word yet on plans for Shelton Benjamin.

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