CM Punk Upset At AEW & May Leave, Shawn Michaels Promoted

CM Punk AEW Leave
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There are rumors CM Punk is unhappy in AEW and might want to leave. Also, Shawn Michaels just got a nice promotion by WWE.

CM Punk Upset At AEW & May Leave

AEW produced one of their better episodes of Dynamite in recent memory. There were huge moments like Kenny Omega returning, but CM Punk left everyone talking.

Punk returned to TV last week after two months away due to a broken foot. The AEW World Champion spoke about his upcoming match with Jon Moxley to unify their belts. 

Then, Punk seemed to go into business for himself when he cut a promo on “Hangman” Adam Page. He called out Page, which not part of the script.

Fightful Select reports that Punk spoke to AEW higher-ups about a promo Page cut. Punk did not like what was said and told officials he would not lose the title match at the pay-per-view.

Now, back to the promo. Many though it was unfair to Page as he was unaware.

Sending Page out there would have made even more of a mess. Basically, Page was in a no-win situation.

Page was in the building, but nobody told him about responding to the remarks. He is considered “generally well-liked” by talent, making the situation even more bizarre.

For some reason, Punk cut the promo as a receipt for whatever Page did to anger the champion. The biggest mystery is what moment in particular caused turmoil.

Some Thought CM Punk Would No-Show Dynamite

Also, Fightful mentioned how Punk has ben verbally expressing his displeasure. This caused some to wonder if he would walk out of AEW, like he did with WWE.

At the same time, there was some belief “he might have almost decided to stay home.” An AEW veteran also noted how they’ve heard “threats being levied” by Punk.

Still, lots of questions need to be answered. 

A big surprise during the show was that Punk and Moxley would unify the belts on Wednesday. Mot assumed that would take place at All Out in Punk’s hometown of Chicago.

Maybe, there is concern what Punk does between now and All Out. Therefore, they might have rushed the title match to be on the safe-side.

Shawn Michaels Promoted

CM Punk AEW Leave

Source: @WrestleOps, Twitter, Screenshot

Triple H continues to make changes since getting a huge promotion last month. He has already brought back several superstars and removed some of Vince McMahon’s outdated rules.

Even his best friend, and one the greatest wrestlers ever, got a new title. Shawn Michaels is now WWE Vice President of Talent Development Creative.

Mostly, Michaels works in Florida where he helps NXT 2.0. on a number of levels. Triple H trust Michaels and with their close relationship, maybe they can produce even better content.

Michaels retired from wrestling when he lost to the Undertaker at WrestleMania 26 in 2010. He returned for one match several years ago as he successfully teamed with Triple H to defeat Undertaker & Kane.

The match did not live up to expectations and was considered a mess.

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