Another Big Return Teased, Plans For Superstar On Hold?

another big return teased
Credit: @mckenzieas93V2, twitter, screenshot

Big things could be coming to WWE, as another big return was teased recently. Plus, are plans for one Superstar on hold?

Another Big Return Teased

Triple H is having a massive positive impact since taking control, and now another big return is being teased.

The returns kicked off in a big way at SummerSlam.

Bayley came back after a lengthy time off for injury. She was joined by the released-and-back Dakota Kai, and the called up IYO SKY.

This past Friday on SmackDown, another released Superstar returned, in the former of Karrion Kross.

All this is happening as rumors swirl of a return for exiled former Women’s tag champs Sasha Banks and Naomi.

Plus, with the tournament for the vacant tag titles kicking off this week on RAW? There is another big return being teased.

And, this is not teased by WWE per se, but rather by some of the Superstars.

The key is in who reacted to Asuka’s post.

Asuka, if you recall, is a former tag champion…with the since-departed Kairi Sane.

another big return teased

source: @mckenzieas93V2, twitter, screenshot

And, Sane smiled at the post, leading to speculation that the former partner and NXT Women’s Champion might be returning to WWE.

On the August 8th RAW, the Women’s Tag Team tournament begins.

We all expect to see Sasha and Naomi show up at some point. Now, Asuka has indicated she’s in, but lacking a partner.

Could Kairi Sane come back to team up? And, if she does return, would it just be a short cameo for this, or will she have inked a new deal?

Sane, you might recall, finished up her last WWE contract in Japan as a special ambassador. She was eager to return home, having recently been married and missing her family.

Things could have changed to where she’s ready to come back. Or, she’s just trolling us, and Asuka will bring out a different partner entirely.

Plans For Superstar On Hold?

We’ve heard of a lot of returns and changes coming, but are plans for one Superstar on hold?

According to Fightful, there were some rumblings of plans for Drew Gulak, but they did not come to fruition last week.

Gulak did make it onto television in a backstage segment at least.

But, that was not the grander plan.

another big return teased

source: @global_catch, twitter, screenshot

Whether it still happens or not remains to be seen, but there was at least talk of having Gulak be involved as Kofi Kingston’s tag partner.

He would have been filling in for the injured Xavier Woods.

Instead, the Raiders were fed a pair of jobbers. Kofi attacked post-match, which led to a singles match for Kofi and Erik.

It is entirely possible that WWE does not revisit this plan, or that it is simply delayed or adjusted.

Either way, it’s encouraging to hear that some talented Superstars, who have not been used much, are getting consideration.

Triple H and his new team truly don’t even need to bring back everyone…if they actually better use some talent already in house, that can make a big change too.

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