AEW Told To Tone Down Cursing, Bad News For Toxic Attraction

AEW Tone Down Cursing
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AEW likes to push the envelope, but they were told to tone down the cursing. Also, Toxic Attraction will miss out on a huge opportunity.

AEW Told To Tone Down Cursing

A major difference between AEW and WWE is how the product is presented. Easily, AEW is more open to cursing and blood.

Almost every episode of Dynamite has featured at least one of traits. Sometimes, the bleeding and cursing can go a little too far.

Although, AEW wanted to present a product different from WWE. Therefore, at least in the beginning, they seemed to want an older audience.

Well, that could all be slightly changing. In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer said Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) contacted AEW.

Basically, they asked the “language be toned down” going ahead. They made no mention of having an issue with the amount of blood on their screens.

Remember, earlier in the year, WBD executives were at the first show after Double Or Nothing. That show famously saw MJF cut a promo against Tony Khan that was filled with foul language. 

Towards the end, MJF told Khan to fire him and ‘f— off.’ For fans at home, that was censored.

The crazy part is fans still do not if MJF and AEW are working fans. Speculation about that could end soon.

Do not forget, AEW debuted on TNT in 2019 and they were open to what was being pitched. When AEW switched to TBS in 2021, they were under the impression nothing would change.

Clearly, WBD has changed their mind. The ratings have been down, but that is typical of the summer.

AEW and WBD have a deal through 2023. There is an option where WBD can keep AEW around for another year.

Contract negotiations will likely take place next spring or fall. If AEW stays where they are, there is a good chance they can get a better deal as they are not a one hit wonder.

Bad News For Toxic Attraction

AEW Tone Down Cursing

Source: @PrinXe_Mac_, Twitter, Screenshot

We are seeing wrestlers return to WWE and others get renewed pushes. All of those changes are because Vince McMahon is no longer CEO and Triple H is running creative.

It seemed WWE was getting ready to bring at least part of Toxic Attraction to the main roster. Gigi Dolin and Jay Jayne were part of the tag team tournament, but they have been removed.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted how Dolin is out with a concussion. That injury might indicate the stable of three remains part of NXT.

“Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne were scheduled to go to the main roster,” the report stated. “They did a social media video talking about how they were going to take over SmackDown from now on.” 

“But, then the video was taken down. In the Dolin & Jayne vs. Natalya & Deville match, Dolin apparently forgot a lot of the match and Natalya had to hold the match together.” 

“Dolin apparently suffered a concussion. She and Jayne were pulled from the tournament.”

It is a tough break, but they will eventually make it to the main roster. If anything, NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose still has some help.

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