wrestlemania 40 host city
source: @tomignudo, twitter, screenshot

Some nice news amid a crazy time for the company, but WWE has announced the WrestleMania 40 host city. And, did Vince McMahon cash in on his way out of WWE?

WrestleMania 40 Host City

We know that the company is taking things to Hollywood in 2023, but we also now know the WrestleMania 40 host city.

Per an announcement from WWE’s own social media:

In case you were curious, this will be the second time Philadelphia will host WrestleMania. Yours truly was in the next to last row of the arena as a college student the last time.

This will not be the first time WrestleMania lands in an outdoor venue, in April, in the northeastern United States.

wrestlemania 40 host city

source: @tomignudo, twitter, screenshot

Two prior WrestleManias were hosted in MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

While an outdoor Philadelphia-hosted WrestleMania might be a touch chilly in April, we already know that a warm state like Florida has it’s own problems (rain delays…).

As someone who was born and raised in Philadelphia, this is going to be pretty awesome.

But, as a wrestling fan, there is another takeaway for me. While we now know the WrestleMania 40 host city…we also now know that the WrestleMania 40 host city is not in Canada.

It seems like for quite a number of years, many fans have been banging on the drum to get a big show, like WrestleMania, into a major Canadian city.

Toronto has hosted before and could again. Another city, perhaps Vancouver, could be another attractive option.

For now, however, that will not happen until at least WrestleMania 41 at the soonest.

Did Vince McMahon Cash In

While he retired on Friday, did Vince McMahon cash in on his way out?

Yes and no.

While nothing has been disclosed, it doesn’t seem the former CEO had a golden parachute, so that is unlikely to apply.

Even if he did, given the circumstances of his exit, it would seem likely that the board would fight that.

But that is not for discussion here and now.

If you want to know if Vince McMahon cashed in, the answer is…maybe not yet…but his exit did make him a lot richer.

At least on paper.

Remember, in spite of his retirement, McMahon still holds a significant number of WWE shares.

wrestlemania 40 host city

source: @JustAlyxCentral, twitter, screenshot

And, if you watch the stock market at all, you might know that on Monday, the market reacted strongly to the WWE changes, as stock price surged nearly 10 percent.

As he holds a lot of stock, the value of his stock went up too.

Per Forbes, McMahon’s net worth in turn grew nicely. It is a bit twisted if you think about it.

McMahon was run out for what amounts to nearly 15 million dollars of hush money payments. And, because he left, the worth of his former company (and the stock he has) shot up.

He had to leave, but him leaving effectively allowed him to cash in.

Granted, if he does not sell his stock while the price is strong, it’s a moot point.