Tammy Sytch Has Financial Woes, Matt Riddle’s SummerSlam Plans

Tammy Sytch Financial Woes
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Tammy Sytch was recently arrested for a DUI manslaughter charge after a three-car crash she was involved in. As a result, one of the drivers hit passed away. Now it is being reported that the former WWE talent has more problems in the form of financial woes.

Tammy Sytch Has Financial Woes

As WNZ previously reported, Sytch continues to deal with issues surrounding her DUI car accident. While she’s pleaded “not guilty” to the charge, bail was revoked as the judge believes she’s a danger to the community.

It’s also been stated that Steven deLaroche, who was once Sytch’s lawyer, has asked to be withdrawn from her case. As per a report by PW Insider, Tammy is now asking for a public defender because she is “broke”.

According to the report, Sytch filed a petition to be granted “criminal indigent status” with Florida’s Volusia County Court. This means that she does not have sufficient income to hire a lawyer for her defense in her criminal case.

In this petition, Tammy states she has zero income and only $2,500 in her bank accounts. She also notes $28,000 in total when it comes to liabilities and debt.

More On Tammy Sytch & Her Financial Woes

Also known as “Sunny” to her WWE fans, Sytch was doing well with her OnlyFans page before this latest DUI. However, she likely didn’t save any of that money.

Plus, OnlyFans followers have received automatic refunds as her bail has been revoked. However, Tammy has a long history of driving drunk and criminal behavior.

Sunny enjoyed a nice run as a manager and other roles in the WWE from 1995 to 1998. She was also recognized in the company’s Hall of Fame in 2011.

On to some better news, SummerSlam is mere weeks away. As the WWE gears up for one of its biggest pay-per-views (PPVs) of the year, WNZ has a report on what Matt Riddle’s plans for the event could be.

Matt Riddle’s SummerSlam Plans

Riddle and Seth Rollins have been dancing around a feud for weeks. It all began when Matt lost against Roman Reigns recently, for the Undisputed Universal Championship.

Tammy Sytch Financial Woes

Source: @WrestlingNewsCo, Twitter, Screenshot

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, the plan is probably for Riddle to face Rollins at SummerSlam. As per Meltzer, it’s the main event at most of the live WWE shows, as well, moving forward.

Seth Rollins has been on the losing end of his programs as of late. Will he continue that streak with Matt Riddle?

Only time will tell. However, their matches should provide some solid entertainment value along the way for fans.

Matt Riddle’s History With The WWE

Matt Riddle entered the land of the WWE in 2018. He debut in NXT, and during his tenure with the development brand, he scored the NXT Tag titles with Pete Dunne and Timothy Thatcher.

He’d hop over to Friday Night SmackDown in the summer of 2020. Since his time on the main roster, he’s become United States Champion and held the RAW Tag titles (twice) with Randy Orton as RK-Bro.

Riddle is swinging solo right now, as Randy Orton recovers from an injury. Will he be able to hold his own as a singles competitor?

It looks like he’s doing a good job so far. With that said, many fans can’t wait to see RK-Bro reunite … at some point!