(Spoilers) Possible Seth Rollins Opponents For SummerSlam

With Triple H now firmly at the helm of WWE creative, many fans expect massive changes and some new blood on the main roster. Reports indicate that Trips wants to make a big creative splash at SummerSlam. That might start with finding Seth Rollins, a new opponent for SummerSlam. His match against Riddle was scratched due to an “injury” Riddle suffered at the hands of Freakin’ Rollins. 

Rollins vented his frustration on Twitter over the decision. Seth lamented that all his work over the last six months didn’t end in him going to SummerSlam.

And Triple H responded that he “heard” Rollins. He was possibly signaling that the new head booker for WWE would be finding another opponent for Rollins. 

Putting aside the fact that there is nothing worse than a wrestler complaining on Twitter about their “spot” on the card, it got the rest of the Internet and me thinking about who would replace Riddle if Rollins were to get his match still. Here are a few good ideas from plausible to no-way.

Johnny Gargano 

The Internet seems fixated on the idea that Gargano will return to WWE with a main roster push now that Triple H is in charge. Gargano was the top guy for NXT during Triple H’s run and is widely considered the best wrestler to ever come through NXT.

However, his stature and look made it difficult for him to succeed in the land of the giants on the main roster. But there’s a new sheriff in town, so all bets are off. I think a Gargano return in a match like this would be huge and a way more meaningful match or Rollins than a throwaway with Riddle. Seth Rollins is the measuring stick for everyone in WWE, so it would make sense to put Gargano’s main roster debut in the Architect’s hands.

Bray Wyatt 

If there’s one former main roster star I want back, it is Bray Wyatt. No one on the roster matches his creativity and believability. The pop from the crowd when his music hits would be deafening, and it would be a fun surprise. 


This one is straight out of my dream book. MJF debuting against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam would be a tremendous blow to AEW. Joining Cody, MJF’s jump to WWE would send the Internet reeling. 

Gable Steveson

It is believed that Gable Steveson is the wrestler featured in those Bray Wyatt-Esque vignettes that tease a generational talent that will conquer all other stars. Debuting Steveson against a trusted veteran like Rollins is a great way to make the Olympic Gold Medalist look like a million bucks.

John Cena

The possibility of Cena returning didn’t occur to me until I saw this video.

Talk about making a big splash. This one is also unlikely as I am sure he is filming or preparing to film a movie, and there are little chance producers or an insurance agency would clear him to wrestle. This one would be fun, but don’t get your hopes up.

Cody Rhodes

This one is not going to happen. Cody ripped his pec muscle off the bone, and that type of surgery takes up to a year to heal. Rushing Cody back for this match doesn’t make much sense. Just wait for him to come back at Royal Rumble.


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