Did WWE Tease Bray Wyatt’s Return, AEW Talent Leaving Soon

wwe tease bray wyatt
source: @noahnationvlogs, twitter, screenshot

If you watched Money In The Bank, you may have seen a segment that made you ask: did WWE tease Bray Wyatt’s return? Plus, one AEW talent could be leaving soon.

Did WWE Tease Bray Wyatt’s Return

During Saturday’s premium live event, WWE aired a somewhat eerie and cryptic vignette, leaving fans wondering: did WWE tease Bray Wyatt’s return?

In short…probably not.

If you missed the teaser, it’s worth a watch.

The company dropped a teaser image to social media, and it had fans speculating like mad.

The popular choices? Bray Wyatt, Gable Steveson and Edge.

wwe tease bray wyatt

source: @noahnationvlogs, twitter, screenshot

Wyatt was an easy choice, given the dark and ominous tone of the vignette.

Gable Steveson never crossed my mind, it never felt like him, but fans grabbed onto the inclusion of gold medals for that.

However…per Fightful, this clip is very likely a new re-introduction of Edge.

If you were like me and slowed things down, you could more easily catch some of the hints.

The crosses likely are an homage to Christian. We also saw Dudley glasses and Hardy arm sleeves, and of course, the Latino Heat license plate.

All of those references link to Edge and his earlier years.

So, could this be a reborn, Brood-based Edge?

Now, of course, WWE could really make fans happy if Edge decided he was coming back, hell-bent on having a faction like the Brood…and looped in Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt for some fun.

It probably won’t happen, but it is not impossible either.

Still, for now, it’s hinting at Edge’s impending return. No doubt, the Rated-R Superstar will be aiming for The Judgement Day.

And, in case you forgot, he will be outnumbered…unless he does bring with him some reinforcements.

AEW Talent Leaving Soon

If the rumors are true, one significant AEW talent could be leaving the company soon.

Significant, at least, in terms of the company’s early months.

Santana was a notable signing as AEW was getting off the ground.

wwe tease bray wyatt

source: @OTTRMobb, twitter, screenshot

However, now it seems he may indeed be leaving soon.

This possibility has been brewing for a bit now, and putting the pieces together comes courtesy of Sean Ross Sapp and Fightful.

Santana posted this tidbit all the way back in April.

The number of days, from when that was posted, coincides with his expected contract expiration, on or around September 1st.

Now, following AEW Blood And Guts, Santana finds himself recovering from a knee injury…and he might have already worked his final AEW match.

With the injury keeping him out of action, it seems more and more likely that he will not be cleared before his contract expires.

Or, just as likely that Tony Khan and Santana acknowledge that he is not going to re-sign with the company, so it may be time to cut bait and move on.

An additional note-for years, we knew of the famous tag team of Santana and Ortiz, but the pair have apparently soured on each other.

It is believed that the issues between the pair is at least one reason why Santana could be on his way out.