Could Triple H Change Minds, AEW Has A Communication Issue

triple h change minds
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While the change is still fresh, could Triple H change minds in his new role? And, after this weekend,  is it possible that AEW has a communications issue?

Could Triple H Change Minds

Plenty of fans and investors are excited by the new leadership in WWE, and now there’s a big question. Could Triple H change minds of some former talent?

In recent years, WWE has famously lost quite an extensive and impressive list of Superstars.

Some of those talents opted to leave when contracts expired.

Others were released, for one reason or another.

Some of the former WWE Superstars had been frank about not wanting to return to the company, especially as news of Vince McMahon’s issues surfaced.

triple h change minds

source: @BrandoLightShed, twitter, screenshot

With the hush money scandal raging, it would be no shock that talent would stay away from that.

Now that Vince McMahon has retired and is hopefully fading into obscurity…could Triple H change some of those minds?

According to a report from Fightful…not only could Triple H change some minds…he might already be doing just that.

Per the news, there are former Superstars out there who are excited by the changes. There definitely seems to be a positive vibe about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon forming two thirds of the power trio.

What cannot be ignored is Triple H and the NXT pipeline.

Hunter, of course, ran NXT for much of the last ten years.

He was responsible for the best time of that brand, during which the best wrestling in WWE was often in the land of black and gold.

And, for whatever reason (spite?), a lot of those names were either run out of WWE, released from WWE or opted to move on.

When you consider how poorly so many NXT alums were handled on the main roster, it’s no shock that some like Adam Cole didn’t hesitate to jump.

Now that Triple H is in charge…some of those minds might be changing.

AEW Has A Communication Issue

After the issues between Jonathan Gresham and Tony Khan…could it be that AEW has a communications issue?

To recap, you can check the initial Gresham report here.

If not, the short version is the now former ROH Champion flipped out ahead of his Death Before Dishonor bout over the weekend.

He was unhappy about, among other things, the planned length of the title match…but that was not all.

triple h change minds

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

Gresham noted that he had heard little to nothing from Tony Khan and AEW creative in the days leading up to the ROH show, and that drove him nuts.

But, is he the only star who has had issues with AEW and communications?

Fightful says there might indeed be some communications issues.

Now, it’s worth providing some clarity here.

Gresham definitely implicated Khan, cussing him out directly.

Per the Fightful report, it was more pointing to an issue with AEW talent relations staff-which is more Christopher Daniels, and not Tony Khan.

Still, if there are those talents going out and remarking about communications issues…there are probably others.

While it had mostly been bad news for WWE of late, that tide is turning…AEW might want to figure out their own issues quickly.

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