could shane mcmahon return
source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

Now that his father has retired, could Shane McMahon return to the family business? And, in the wake of all the changes in WWE last week, is Paul Heyman in line for a new role?

Could Shane McMahon Return

We all saw Vince McMahon retire from WWE last week, and now it’s worth asking: could Shane McMahon return to the company?

The younger McMahon was effectively booted from WWE following a disastrous Royal Rumble earlier this year.

It was said at the time that Shane McMahon irked quite a few Superstars, as well as other producers. 

While there were some conflicting reports at the time, one thing was for sure-after the Rumble, we have not seen or heard Shane McMahon in WWE since.

The decision to dismiss Shane was ultimately Vince’s call. Now that Vince has retired…could Shane McMahon return to WWE?

According to the Wrestling Observer…maybe, but it’s not likely.

The possibility of a return exists because there are those in the company who were less adamant about the dismissal. 

However, it seems that Shane and co-CEO Stephanie McMahon have a strained relationship as brother and sister.

could shane mcmahon return

source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

There had been previous reports about the family having issues, and the more we are hearing about things, the more that becomes obvious.

It seems then that, for now, it is exceedingly unlikely that Shane McMahon will return any time soon.

And, even if the power structure within WWE was open to it, that doesn’t even mean Shane himself would welcome another stint with the company.

I mean, he seems to enjoy the spotlight and working crazy matches, but things change too.

Paul Heyman In Line For New Role?

Speaking of change, could Paul Heyman be in line for a new role?

And, in this case, not really talking about an on-air opportunity.

Heyman currently works on-air as part of The Bloodline. 

But, with all of the shuffling going on within WWE, could Paul Heyman be in line for a new role?

Possibly similar to one he had already held?

It seems like an eternity ago, when WWE had Heyman and Eric Bischoff serving as executives over RAW and SmackDown, respectively.

That is but a distant memory, but could at least one of those return to a similar role?

could shane mcmahon return

source: @montezwrld, twitter, screenshot

It might be, according to Wade Keller of the PWTorch.

Per the reporting, Heyman could indeed be considered for a key creative position over one of the shows moving forward.

He has a lengthy history with a number of key WWE Superstars, for one thing.

Another thing working in his favor?  His relationship with Stephanie McMahon has improved significantly from his earliest years within WWE.

That, alongside a good rapport with Triple H, and Heyman could be in a great spot to help drive WWE creative moving forward.

If that is indeed the decision moving forward, to have RAW and SmackDown run a bit more independent of one another, that could be good.

Over the last few months, the brand split has all but been written off, with many top Superstars working both Mondays and Fridays.

Either way, with new leadership, it will be interesting to see what unfolds.

And, in light of the ever-changing news, fans are certainly excited about what’s to come.