Could Naomi’s Situation Cause Roman Reigns Problems?

naomi roman reigns problems
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Fans are waiting to see how things get resolved, but could Naomi’s situation cause WWE some Roman Reigns problems?

Admittedly, the path from Naomi to Reigns is not quite direct. But, it is not a major leap, either.

Roman Reigns, along with Jimmy and Jey Uso, form The Bloodline. Together, the family members hold six major WWE championships.

For those who somehow either forgot, or did not know? Naomi is married to Jimmy Uso, and has been for the better part of 8 years.

So, we ask one more time…

Could Naomi’s Situation Cause Roman Reigns Problems?

In a word? Maybe.

We’ve already heard reports that Sasha Banks was released, but nothing official confirming or denying that bit from WWE.

Further, we’ve heard that both Naomi and Sasha were removed from internal WWE roster pages.

Things between the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions and WWE officials have been cold, based on all rumblings.

There is no return for either Superstar believed to be imminent. Heck, there might not be a return for either one at all.

And this is where things get complicated, specifically for Naomi.

As I mentioned, weeks ago reports came out that WWE had released Sasha Banks. No one from WWE has confirmed or denied that.

Details about Naomi have been slower to emerge. The Superstar has been posting to social media recently, making fans wonder if something is brewing.

So…now what?

I, however, am wondering if WWE is being careful with Naomi because of possible problems it could cause with Roman Reigns.

After all, if WWE releases Naomi, it might not sit well with Jimmy Uso. If it doesn’t sit well with Jimmy, does that bleed over into Reigns, and thus impact The Bloodline?

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The Bloodline, of course, have been front and center in many big WWE programs for quite some time.

Unless, for any reason, WWE feels that the entire group has run it’s course (which seems unlikely), they will want to keep the faction happy.

Firing one third of the faction’s better halves? That probably won’t be keeping them happy.

Now, to be honest, every Superstar knows that nothing is guaranteed. A Superstar can be, and has been, released on what seems to be a whim.

Releasing Naomi after what she was a part of, even if some think she was pushed to it, would hardly be a whim.

In that train of thought, you’d say that Jimmy Uso couldn’t be too ticked off if WWE released his spouse.

We have, of course, seen WWE release one half of a married couple while keeping the other.

Rusev walked off to AEW, but Lana stuck around for a while.

Heck, Zelina Vega was released and brought back, and shortly after she returned, WWE axed her husband, the former Aleister Black.

Now, none of those released tossed down titles and walked out of a live RAW or SmackDown.

Naomi did just that.

The point here being, WWE has released a husband or wife before, while keeping the other. And, those were generally released for less of a reason than effectively insubordination.

Now, I am not saying Naomi should not have been ticked off about her booking. That’s a different story.

But when it comes to WWE’s ultimate decision, Sasha Banks is likely far less complicated.

Sasha Banks is talented and likely should not be released, on account of the skills she brings to the table. But, she’s also been mercurial, so she may have used up all her chances.

Naomi, by contrast, seems to be, or has been, mostly a model citizen in WWE.

While her one major issue was, as I said…very major…she’s been otherwise reliable as best I can tell.

And, unlike Sasha Banks, she is married to one of WWE’s top acts.

naomi roman reigns problems

source: @baddiebelair, twitter, screenshot

Should that matter? Probably not.

Will that matter? I’d bet it will, and probably already has, come into play.

If neither woman wasn’t such a big Superstar, they might have already been released.

WWE is no doubt being careful because they don’t want to lose either one to AEW, and they might not want to upset Jimmy, and by extension, Roman Reigns.

So, it’s surely purely speculation on my part right now, but I cannot help but think that Naomi’s situation could, if handled badly by WWE, cause problems with Roman Reigns.

And, to be fair, it’s not just me-it’s been put out there by the Observer, and I imagine many fans are at least wondering.

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