Could AEW Want Dream SuperShow, Cody Rhodes Cocky Or Confident?

aew want dream supershow
source: @tonykhan, twitter, screenshot

Tony Khan has shown a desire for awesome cards, but could AEW still want an absolute dream SuperShow? Plus, should we call Cody Rhodes cocky or confident?

Could AEW Want Dream SuperShow

A successful Forbidden Door may have raised the bar: could AEW want a dream SuperShow?

Or, more realistically, could AEW and WWE want a dream SuperShow?

In the past, a dream SuperShow was just that: a dream.

Sure, we have seen talent appear as special guests from time to time.

I remember as a kid, seeing some Japanese talents work WrestleMania or SummerSlam, but those things were all one-offs.

WCW was a bit more open to things, likely using any angle to gain traction against the WWE empire.

For Tony Khan, his aim is more about giving fans what they want.

Case in point, the NJPW-AEW dream SuperShow we got last month, Forbidden Door.

Admittedly, the show had more than a few hiccups and glitches. But, fans who tuned in were largely raving about the card.

So, could AEW want another dream SuperShow?

aew want dream supershow

source: @tonykhan, twitter, screenshot

Specifically, THE dream SuperShow?

Like…AEW versus WWE.

Khan was asked about that on The Masked Man Show.

To sum it up, Khan is not opposed to it. He also acknowledged that such a show is likely a long shot.

But he didn’t say no, and indicated he would absolutely be willing to discuss that with WWE.

Now, on the other hand, I have a feeling WWE would be less open to things.

You learn early on in pro wrestling, never say never.

I mean, while we’ve seen wrestlers on WWE television from other promotions (thinking of Rock n’ Roll Express from Smokey Mountain), when was the last time we saw WWE with someone else’s champion?

And, they let her carry the belt and acknowledged that with the appropriate graphics.

So, times are changing. Are they changing enough to where WWE and AEW could team up for a dream SuperShow?

Cody Rhodes Cocky Or Confident?

Speaking of AEW and WWE…should we consider Cody Rhodes cocky or confident.

Or, perhaps both?

It is an interesting question, and it came up recently on WWE Grit and Glory.

In one episode, we had Cody Rhodes driving with Montez Ford.

Ford pulled no punches and asked Rhodes what brought him back to WWE, or why he came back.

Rhodes said simply that he feels, over the last few years, he has absolutely been the best in the business.

As such, he has a chip on his shoulder and he is openly declaring his greatness…and welcoming all challengers.

aew want dream supershow

source: @wrestleops, twitter, screenshot

Once he’s back from his rehab, of course.

Now, that answer could come off as arrogant, and it does make you wonder if Rhodes is cocky or confident.

Perhaps all three.

Rhodes, clearly matured from his first WWE run, noted to Ford that he hopes the comments inspire other Superstars.

He thinks he is the best. I am certain other Superstars think that they are.

Iron sharpens iron, after all.

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